Contract Killer 2 Review

Contract Killer 2 Review

Nov 20, 2012

Contract Killer 2 is a pretty ruthless game. As a mercenary, making money is all about completing the contracts. In this case, the contracts involve killing one or more people. The game starts out with a very short tutorial. The tutorial goes over some basic maneuvers such as using throwing knives, shooting from a distance with the sniper rifle and melee attacks.

During each contract level, there are random thugs and the mark for the contract. The mark isn’t out there right in the open from the beginning, it takes a bit for them to appear. While waiting for the marks to show, it’s a good idea to take out some of the thugs. In most cases, sneaking up behind the thug and using a melee attack works well. The longer stealth is kept the easier it is overall to get the mark.

As the game progresses, more weapons can be purchased. Some are purchased with money earned in the game, and others need to purchased with coins. Coins are accumulated much slower than the money, there’s an option to buy the coins through the in game purchasing option.

Some contracts are pretty complicated. I don’t mean they’re difficult. I mean, because of the lack of equipment available, it makes them more of a challenge. To get more equipment and earn more money, there challenges available. These challenges are short and a great way to build up a bankroll and earn experience. These challenges are also great ways just to practice. The challenges have ratings on them. It’s easy to see the difficulty level in the basic idea of what the challenge consists of before entering.

The controls for Contract Killer 2 are similar to other games in the genre. There are combination of pressing on-screen buttons and dragging a finger across the screen to aim the weapon or get a better view of the area. Sometimes the enemy appears to be in the open but for some reason can’t be hit. This was a little annoying. The last enemy to be killed in each level is greeted with a slow motion bullet. It’s something different that not a lot of games have.