Astro Frontier Review

Astro Frontier Review

Nov 30, 2012

Astro Frontier is a game that might appeal to folks feening for Oregon Trail, except that this adventure takes place a few feet higher in the air, and there is much less flux to contend with.


It’s a turn-based game that makes space the playground. As the leader of the exploration team, I had to manage resources, deal with “events” and such, protect the convoy and (most importantly) keep morale high. If I let the morale get to zero, I lost. Thus, I had to do things like ensure they didn’t eat bad food, or let them have fun, or get depressed by not making enough progress.

The game started with instructions, which gave me a super-quick overview of the mission and objectives. Everyday, I generated a resource, and I had the opportunity to choose from one unit of fuel, rations, or metal. Of course, there was an opportunity cost associated with and and every choice, so decisions had to be weighed carefully. After daily travel, I could pick a “ship” option, like building morale or a whole new ship. Different ships had different period and cons as well.

A cool part of the daily travels were the space battles. Periodically, I was confronted by adversaries, and I had to choose an option, like attacking or countering. Again, I had to assess my resources to pick the most beneficial option, as it was a battle of attrition.

At the bottom of my control screen, I had a chart of essentials. I saw fuel, rations, metal and morale; I also saw the strength of my hull, my arms and how many Stingers I had.

The game had plenty of logical sequences. I liked how the attributes and resources tied into to each other. The graphics were simple, and even though they did the job, I felt that they were almost too simplistic.

That’s not enough of a gripe to kill my overall enjoyment of this game, though. Star Trek had their way, and now I had mine.