Attack of the Wall St Titan Review

Attack of the Wall St Titan Review

May 22, 2013

News Flash: if you’ve ever felt peeved at those faceless barons who destroyed the middle class, then Attack of the Wall St Titan might be the game for you. It’s clearly the Unofficial Official Game of the Occupy Movement. Whatever one thinks of the said movement, you won’t find too many games that merge robots, Wall Street bullies and their henchmen with Anonymous in a tongue-in-cheek morality tale.

The premise is simple: the “Man” is furious at the “hippie protesters,” so he and his boys create a huge robot (the Titan) to take them out. Fortunately for the disaffected masses, an Anon hacker saves the day by re-programming the robot to take out its creators.


Simple 2D graphics with an 8-bit feel gives the game a lively ambience. The developer worked well with the color attack1palette, creating rich imagery with delightfully jittery animations. I like how the the scenery was presented, as well as the pop of the various goodies.

The gameplay consists of, well, taking it to the streets. It allows players to visualize corporate monsters that fleece society by tapping them to submission. That’s right… as the Titan, I used a finger to do the damage. The game starts with a regular stream of escaping “suits”. I got positive money for getting them (and the police officers that eventually showed up) and negative cash (fines?) when there was collateral damage. I mean, there’s a lot of pizza delivery guys in this game. Thus there are elements of tower defense, whack-a-mole and more. Additionally, it was leveled play with several goals tossed in as well.

I didn’t like the ads, but hey, the developer challenges us: score enough points and get all stars, and the game gets unlocked. I love that concept, and I think that increases the replay value of the game. I adore challenges, but I do think the gameplay does become quite chaotic at times.

ATWST is an interesting game with a story. We need more of them.