Automania Review

Automania Review

Aug 20, 2013

There are games out there to that are so deceptively simple that make us wonder how we didn’t think of the concept. Automania is almost like a tower defense type game. The blue cars are the good guys and the red cars are the enemies. The idea of the game is to get the blue cars to the parking lots.

automania-10The graphics of the game are pretty basic. 8 bit-ish almost. Some of the actions require pinch to zoom for better accuracy. As the cars are moving along, there are different tasks to be completed to make the trip to the parking lot a success. Along the way there might be a tree blocking the road or the road may not be created yet. When this happens there is an action to fix the situation.

Some of the actions are building a road, using a bomb to destroy the boulder in the path of the digital cars, using a flame gun to burn down a tree. Some of these things can also be used to destroy the enemy cars. Be careful not to make more work though. There are only a limited number of these items. If a bomb is used to destroy a red car, it may take out a section or two of road. Make sure there is enough road available for this section to be replaced.

The tutorial was pretty good. PLaying it might be helpful for some people, but overall the game is pretty simplistic. Don’t spend too much time on the red cars unless they are going to directly affect the blue cars. The level is failed if there the minimal number of blue cars is not saved.

I think the game could have a bit more difficulty, but is still a fun way to kill some time. The settings are pretty self explanatory. I opted to keep the sound on because I liked the skidding sound effect.