Humble Bundle for Android 4 Now Includes Humble Bundle for Android 2 Games as Bonus

Humble Bundle for Android 4 Now Includes Humble Bundle for Android 2 Games as Bonus

Nov 16, 2012

Usually, the Humble Bundles include a little surprise halfway through, and Humble Bundle for Android 4 is no exception. Though I suppose if it’s predictable, it’s not a real surprise, is it? Well, what the surprise winds up being is unknown. Well the surprise this time is something Xzibit could be proud of. Humble heard you like Humble Bundles, so they put a Humble Bundle in your Humble Bundle 4 so you can bundle while being humble. Or something like that. The point is that Humble Bundle for Android 2 is now included in the Humble Bundle for Android 4.

For those that pay above the average (as of publication, it was around $6.40), you can get the game that launched a million mobile endless runners, Canabalt HD (with 3D graphics!), Zen Bound 2,the best family-friendly game about tying things up available on the market, side-scrolling real-time strategy game Swords and Soldiers, gear-shifting puzzle game Cogs, and retro PC RPG revival Avadon: The Black Fortress (for tablets only). Those who didn’t pay above the average can up their payment in order to unlock these games and Machinarium. The games still come with DRM-free downloads for computers, APKs for Android, and Steam codes. These bundles are great for charity as well as developers – Waking Mars creator Tiger Style games reports “having made some decent scratch” thanks to their inclusion in this bundle. The Humble Bundle 4 ends next Thursday on the 22nd.

The Humble Bundle for Android Returns with Five New Games Debuting on Android

The Humble Bundle for Android Returns with Five New Games Debuting on Android

Mar 20, 2012

The first Humble Bundle for Android was a smashing success, selling hundreds of thousands of copies to benefit charity and the independent developers behind the titles. The bundle is now back for a second round, and it’s more exciting than ever for Android owners. See, all the games released in the first bundle were previously available for Android. This bundle? All new to Android.

Canabalt HD: Adam Atomic’s endless runner, one of the finest examples of the genre, makes its debut on Android. Originally released back in 2009, this stylish game featuring music by Danny Baranowsky has players jumping from rooftop to rooftop, trying to run as far as possible before meeting their demise. The Android version features special 3D effects exclusive to this game. The desktop version features a hotseat 2-player mode as well.

Zen Bound 2: Use rope to tie up wooden sculptures, with the goal being to cover a set percentage of the figure to complete it. The game was known on iOS for making use of three-dimensional space, requiring an order of thinking not seen in many other games.

Cogs: This puzzle game takes sliding puzzles, and adds gears to them. The goal is to make each board’s gears all turn each other, by sliding the pieces around to get the setup just perfect. Other levels involve elements like pipes, and even three-dimensional cube levels.

Avadon: The Black Fortress: Explore a world inspired by the RPGs of old in this game by Spiderweb Software, only available for tablets. This should appeal to fans of turn-based games, and computer RPGs of the 90’s with its theme and isometric, grid-based gameplay.

Swords and Soldiers: In this strategy game taking place on a layered two-dimensional plane, players summon soldiers and resource collectors to try and overwhelm their opponent on the other side. This game is only available by paying above the average price of the bundle.

That’s a rundown of the five titles, all making their debut on Android. The bundle title is somewhat inaccurate, as it does feature the PC/Mac/Linux versions of the games, and in Canabalt‘s case, features a new version of the game not seen outside of the Winnitron arcade cabinets. The bundle is available now, and is on sale until April 2nd.