AVP: Evolution Review

AVP: Evolution Review

Jul 31, 2013

When it comes to sci-fi feuds, there are some pretty epic rivalries out there with fans and the characters themselves. Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Superman vs. Batman and what this game is about… Alien vs. Predator. Yup, this is the newest rendition of that age old battle between 2 alpha male types from somewhere other than earth.

Starting the game, there is the choice to play as either a Predator or an Alien. Each will have their own special attacking moves and combos. The initial level as a Predator is like a proving ground to get used to the controls, movements and weapons of the Predator. The second level is where the game actually starts. They have the Predator on a ship unarmed. The first step is to find the wrist blades used as the basic attacking weapon at the start of the game.

avp-12The controls are an on-screen controller type with a d-pad and a couple of buttons. On a side note, for players with them, AVP: Evolution is optimized for MOGA controllers. (: In my opinion, games like this are much easier to play with an actual controller instead of the on-screen d-pad style controller.

Throughout AVP: Evolution are options to upgrade the skills, weapons and armor of the killing machine being used. This can give a unique advantage and can create a different game each time a new game is started. As mentioned, there is a choice to play as either extraterrestrial killer making for a very different game and storyline. From the perspective of the Aliens, it is a matter of freeing the species from slavery. From the Super Predator side of the story, it is all about conquering the Jungle Hunter Clan of Predators.

The thing to remember is, AVP: Evolution is all about the graphics and action. This might mean AVP: Evolution won’t be compatible on slower or older devices. If the Android device being used barely meets the requirements to play the game, it might not be as enjoyable.

The finishing moves in AVP: Evolution are great. Make sure to learn and get good at some of the combos so kicking some butt and advancing the skills of the player is a little easier. The levels are pretty cool and very detailed. As The lighting is pretty eerie and dark, yet leaves enough to see whats going on.

AVP: Evolution takes some getting used to the movements and the different actions, but after playing for a few levels, it get smoother. It took a couple tries for me to get some of the different final kill moves but they are pretty cool. It’s also how health can be increased.