Awesome Widgets App Review

Awesome Widgets App Review

Nov 28, 2011

Awesome Widgets is an intriguing challenger to one of the most popular widgets collections on Android, Beautiful Widgets. It’s hard to directly compete with Beautiful Widgets without doing something different which is why Awesome Widgets offers app bars in place of the single toggle shortcuts of it’s competitor. Unfortunately, a poor clock widget greatly diminis,hes the value of this app.

The problem with the clock is its insistence on the addition of an image on the left of the clock widget. This is very bizarre because for an app that’s supposed to be about customization, it’s impossible to edit the size of the time; it’s fixed at half the width of the screen with that pesky icon taking up the remaining latitude. Also the widget only comes in one size and weather has to be displayed at the bottom. These restrictions don’t kill the widget because the low res and tacky themes take care of that right away.

The app bars look and work better (thankfully) than the clocks. The stock icons look very nice and the downloadable skins do a good job adding character to your home page. For the most part the shortcuts work as expected and there are a decently large number of functions to pin to these bars, even though I still prefer the app Widgetsoid for this function. You can store up to 8 icons in one bar which can be very effective in extending the functionality of your home screens. A cool feature is the ability to display local forecasts on your home screen. Awesome Widgets provides multiple forecast options from 5 day to hourly, and this is a nice addition because it gives Awesome Widgets something to set it apart from its more refined competitors.

If Awesome Widgets was free or a buck it would be a tempting purchase because it did run well on my EVO 4G, but seeing as its only 50 cents cheaper than the vastly superior Beautiful Widgets I have trouble recommending this app and it’s not the best value out there.