Aztec Antics Review

Aztec Antics Review

Dec 12, 2013

Aztec Antics is an interesting platform-based thriller from Bouncing Ball Games that celebrates the golden days when arcade games ruled the roost.

It had a decidedly retro look, with an eye-pleasing array of 2D pixelated graphics making up most the background. The characters are itty bitty things, full of vigor and hungry to move. Blocks form platforms and naturescapes set against a soft background denoting jungle and temples.

The basic idea is to avoid monsters and collect the gold. The gold coins are generally spread out around the playing area, and the playing character needs to be manipulated to get it. The enemy monsters drop on the playing area from the top, creating dangerous moving obstacles that can end the level by contact. They move rapidly, usually downwards in either direction, and generally make life very difficult with their incessant need to consume.aztec1

Controlling the gold hunter/collector is via touch on either side of the hunter to move in that specific direction. Tapping makes our guy to jump, which can be a useful avoidance tool, but can also be used to dispatch the monsters by landing on them. Jumping is also key with regards to scaling the structures to get to the gold that might be at higher levels.

The gold coins appear randomly; once one is collected, another one appears, usually in a different section of playing area. There is a coin threshold that has to be met for the current level to be completed and the next one unlocked.

In a nutshell, this is it. Simplicity at its finest. It’s harried arcade fun from start to finish. The controls are not my favorite part, and it feels too short of a game as-is, which is somewhat of a testament to its addictiveness. Pound for pound though, it might be one of the better sub-$2 games on the Play Store.