BackStab, Fieldrunners, and Cut the Rope Released for Android

BackStab, Fieldrunners, and Cut the Rope Released for Android

Jul 8, 2011

Another week, another slate of new releases of games for Android, in particular some more new games making their way from iOS.

BackStab: This is Gameloft’s newest 3D action game, putting players in control of 18th century British naval officer Henry Blake, who is out for revenge on those who murdered his family. The game involves a stealth, and exploration of the 10 square kilometer island with three cities to explore. The game has had an interesting history, being first released as an exclusive for the Xperia Play, then as a universal app for iOS, and now finally for Android at large. Similar to other recent Gameloft releases, the device list is limited to largely phones released in the past year. The Android Market page for the game lists all compatible devices. The game is available for $6.99.

Fieldrunners HD: One of the original iOS tower defense games, and having made its way to various other platforms along the way, Subatomic Studios has finally released the game for Android. The HD in “Fieldrunners HD” stands for the fact that the game’s art assets have been redesigned for high-resolution Android devices, including Android tablets, so this is quite possibly the best-looking version of the game yet. The game is available as a limited-time exclusive from the Amazon AppStore.

Cut the Rope Paid: While the game recently released for free on GetJar, a paid ad-free version of the game has been released on both the Android Market and Amazon AppStore for $0.99. The free version of the game is otherwise the same as the paid version. As well, in an interview conducted with the developers to air on The Portable Podcast this Thursday, some changes have been made to the Andorud version of the game in order to support the various resolutions of Android devices, along with devices that don’t support multitouch. Some levels have been redesigned, in particular.