Flip Riders Review

Flip Riders Review

Dec 12, 2012

Flip Riders is Bad Juju’s imprint on Android racing, and it is a very whimsical but fun take on motorcross. From big cartoony characters to the zaney outfits all the way to the hilariously rendered machines, Flip Riders is a relatively fun trip down Bad Juju’s juicy rabbit hole.

The imagery was sharp and vivid; the developer was able to bring life to the varied backgrounds with a number of colors. The animations were nice and the movements looked fairly realistic, and the distinct scenery views added a bit of character to the gameplay in my opinion, and I thought that the exaggerated forms worked well in this game, and collisions and crashes followed the general rules of physics.

It offered me four modes of play; I started out getting familiar in the “easy peasy” mode, which was perfect for getting me acclimatized to the game. There were also different characters to choose from, and each character had different attributes, some of which were unlockable. As the game progressed, the gameplay became more intricate and even more whimsical; at one point, an airborne shark made an appearance. I ain’t mad at that.

The gameplay made use of a few controls: going forward, springing and two flip buttons (forwards and backwards). Using time splits as the gauge, I collected points based on coins collected and style. Flips got me points, but took a little practice to execute correctly, as timing was a key component. I could use the spring button to get to hard-to-reach coins. Basically, I had to finish the course as fast as possible with the best score… kind of like the Angry Birds 3-star scoring system with timed checkpoints.

Clapfoot knows how to turn what looks like simple into all sorts of fun, and they did exactly that with Flip Riders. With as many levels as this provides, boredom should be warded off for a good while.