iSync App Review

iSync App Review

Nov 17, 2011

Going out and calling your app iSync is a pretty bold move, and is usually used by app developers who have either a little too much hubris or who are just not confident enough in their app’s ability to sell on its own merit. iSync is a very ambitious app, that unfortunately is buggy, inconsistent, and could have used more time in development. This app aims to house all of your social networks, RSS feeds, and email in one place. This is an idea that has been done before, and done better.

Well start with arguably the most important component, Facebook. Integration with Facebook is an easy selling point, because Facebook’s mobile app needs some major work. iSync’s Facebook integration makes Zuckerberg’s mobile platform look like a shining beacon within the app world. There are too many problems here to list but the broken friend list probably probably produced the most head scratching. When trying to find a specific friend all I got was everyone on Facebook with a similar name but never the person, or even the correct name, I was looking for. Other problems make the service nearly unusable; for example, the profile viewer only shows the individual’s photo and their gender. Going to their wall allows you to view it but not comment on it, which basically defeats the purpose.


Fortunately, the other features fare better. Twitter integration works very well, but don’t look for it to replace your established app of choice. Frustratingly, I couldn’t get the email app to work, with it refusing to save my GMail login as well as being very, very thin on features. The RSS feature is a nice addition, but again, it’s not good enough to replace any RSS reader that you would already use. This is the central theme though out the entire app; the thrill of having all these services in one place is not enough to justify use of any of the individual apps.