Targus City Fusion Messenger Bag Hardware Review

Targus City Fusion Messenger Bag Hardware Review

Aug 19, 2014

As we are wont to say, one can have the best-fitting device in the world, with the coolest accessories, companion gadgets and backup devices to boot: chargers, USB cables, and more.

Yep, it is possible to be the consummate mobile professional, but what good are all the gadgets and tools if one doesn’t have a serious, flexible way of toting them around? Enter the City Fusion Laptop Messenger from Targus. Targus isn’t exactly an unknown commodity with regards to computer accessories, and with the current push for increased mobility, it only makes sense that there would be some pleasant overlap.

The gray piece we reviewed has interior dimensions of 14.75 x 10.25 x 1.53 inches is concealed in the 16.5 x 12 x 4.75 inch exterior and weighs less than 2.5 lbs. Most of the outside is coated in smooth gray canvas, with leather trim in pertinent areas (including the bottom). The very front of the bag has some stylish leather straps which are unashamedly cosmetic and distract from the snaps the truly hold the front flap in place, and the back of the bag has an easy access slot that uses velcro for fastening. There is also a single hand strap embedded towards the top, and a shoulder strap that allows the messenger to be used in “traditional” manner.


Opening the bag is more fun than it should be. The “main” compartment is fairly large, and fully capable of storing larger notebooks and holding such in place via strap. In this portion, there also three pouches built into the front-facing end, perfect for knick-knacks and stuff like USB cables. Behind this area is a soft-lined area that is great for tablets and such. The third main area has a fastener. The entire interior is well laid out, and tailor-made for organized transportation; there’s even a key-hook in the middlemost portion.

I almost missed the zippered area right under the front flap. In my book, there’s nothing like too many storage compartments.


So… it looks good, has all the cool pieces and such, but what about real life usage? Of course I took it for a spin. I packed in the 15″ laptop, added in a phablet, tablet, cables, backup chargers, portable hard-drive, wireless keyboard, and some Altoids. I was able to pack these all in comfortably, without any unsightly bulges, and the bag is even able to stand upright on its own.

Even though all my gear fits — and then some — I would have loved to see something like smaller, secured pouch for SD memory or a jump drive, and a dedicated option for laptop cable. Yes, I’m being persnickety.


Not all messenger bags are created equal. The City Fusion may not have the sexy look of the high-end all-leather options, but it eschews the premium price, too. It’s better than basic, and for most purposes, that ma be just okay.

The City Fusion is available from Amazon for $49.00

KickStarter Spotlight: Phorce

KickStarter Spotlight: Phorce

Nov 21, 2012

A few months ago I did a KickStarter Spotlight on the EverPurse which was a purse with a phone charger in it. I was very impressed with this idea and I have passed over similar KickStarter projects recently, but today I found one that goes miles beyond the EverPurse and is truly deserving of its own post. The project that I have been raving about is called Phorce, and it is billed as the world’s first smart bag. They aren’t just blowing smoke by saying that it is a smart bag, this bag has built in Bluetooth which allows it to communicate with any smartphone or laptop through a handy app. Of course, just like other similar bags it has a built in battery that allows for easy charging of a MacBook or any smartphone or tablet. The app allows the user to not only check the battery status of the bag, but also it will send push notifications if the bag leaves Bluetooth range.

Flexibility is one of Phorce’s biggest assets and my favorite feature of the bag is that it can be easily switched from a briefcase to a messenger bag to a full on backpack. I love this feature because it really makes Phorce one of the most accessible charging bags out there. The ability to switch between these different functions allows the Phorce to be utilized all day and for any job. Adding further flexibility is the fact that there are two separate versions of Phorce: one that simply includes 3 USB ports for phones and tablets, and the other that has a built-in MacBook charging connector. Also impressive is the battery power which has enough life to power a MacBook Pro for over 7 hours or to fully charge 3 iPhones at once.

The Phorce would have to be pretty ugly to keep me from buying this bag and luckily for all of us nobody will have to make that decision because the Phorce is gorgeous. Made of high quality fabric the bag looks fantastic and, at least from initial looks, seems incredibly well constructed. As an added bonus the clever wire manager makes sure that everything is accessible yet organized. While the price is steep at around $200 for the USB version and $300 for the MacBook model; from what I see now the Phorce seems to be completely worth it and a must have for any urbanite who is constantly on the go. Of course, like all KickStarter projects it cannot become available unless it receives the necessary funding; so get out there and help make the Phorce a reality.