Tekken Review

Tekken Review

Mar 7, 2018

Yessir… it has landed!

Tekken is here, we decided to check it out.

Nuff said.

Now, if you’re asking what the heck Tekken is, I’ll resist the urge to fight you, and tell you this: it was everything.

And. Then. Some.

So, first, the visuals should be a great, especially for folks who played these on those bulky consoles of the 90s. Glorious 3D graphics, with interestingly familiar swarthy characters and glitzy backgrounds. The shifting views that characterized the earlier versions of the game are reproduced somewhat faithfully, and the sound packs in the bravado, violence and overall auditory oomph of the source material.

Okay, okay… let’s get to the fighting.


The game has a fairly extensive tutorial, and it takes you through just about the whole things, hands-on style. The controls are pretty easy to get with, and mostly involve tapping, gestures and long-pressing to effect offensive moves and blocking. Beyond that, winning yields goodies and new, better fighters and tougher opponents (in particular modes); rarity is something to be treasured here.

The cool things with the fighters is that they have special moves and such; there is a card attack system employed, and tapping a rage card at the right time can be devastating to the opponent. As hinted at earlier, there are different modes to dive into, including an online one… team vs team.

So, here’s a game that is looking to be a new portal for a fantastic tenured console game. It mostly manages to do that, even while subtly building in an RPG-style marker battler that should appeal to those folks — dare I say “millennials?” while propping myself up with me walking cane — who are new to the concept. It’s a hard feat to merge a retro hit with the modernity of mobile tablets, but I figure this one makes more than a valiant effort.

TEKKEN is coming to mobile

…officially, that is. Yep — one of the first gaming fighters is making its way to Android (and iOS); we hear it’s already soft launched in some locals.


The game packs in a few different modes. There’s “Story” piece, which allows the player to create a team, and features a new character made for mobile; think of campaigns and the like.

There’s the online “Dojo Challenge” as well. Friends and other players get to go against PvP style.

Then, players get “Live Events” to go with all these.

Nah, we can’t wait to get our hands on TEKKEN. Small consolation… we can all pre-register right HERE!

Checkout the trailer, and let us know what characters you’re looking to use in the comments:

Bandai Namco launches ‘Tales of the Rays’ on Google Play

Bandai Namco launches ‘Tales of the Rays’ on Google Play

Jul 29, 2017

Great news!

Major mobile publishing house Bandai Namco has a new one out and available for Android users; this one is called Tales of the Rays.

In Tales of the Ray, the player gets to indulge in an expansive RPG with creative environment, merging dungeons, monsters and treasure. Our heroes, Mileena and Ix star in this one, and we hear the new Linear Battles system is something to look forward to.

But wait… there’s a bit more…

To mark the launch, the game has a cool engagement promo: players that log in every day for 20 days straight will get a reward of 1000 mirrogems. Mirrogems serve as in-game currency.

In any case, it’s live and ready to go, for free (with in app purchases). Check out the trailer:

[Google Play link]
[Developer site]

Hello Kitty joins PAC-MAN for a limited time

Hello Kitty joins PAC-MAN for a limited time

Jul 19, 2017

For a limited time, Hello Kitty is joining gaming icon PAC-MAN on Android courtesy of Sanrio and Bandai Namco.

The cool iteration will shop up as an update; and features the aforementioned Hello Kitty, with themed levels, customized icons ghosts and special in-game integrations.

Global icon Hello Kitty is joining PAC-MAN to chomp dots and get the Ghosts! The limited time event features supercute new mazes and specially designed tournaments to celebrate everything Hello Kitty!
• New content
• Game Improvements
• Loading optimizations!

Sanrio’s Brand Management and Marketing Senior VP Jill Koch talks about the venture. “Hello Kitty and PAC-MAN are global icons with a crossover fan base,” she says. “Merging Hello Kitty into the pixelated world of PAC-MAN is a gift both for fans that grew up with the brands and new fans alike.”

This time-limited event is available now through August 19th.

Galaga Wars Adds PAC-MAN Ship via Update

Galaga Wars Adds PAC-MAN Ship via Update

Feb 17, 2017

If you’re human, you should like space shooters… and as such, you’ll like Galaga Wars.

Enough said.

Now, our nifty arcade look-back is getting an update, and a cool one indeed. Headlining the new build is a new, unlockable ship: PAC-MAN… yep, that Pac-Man.

It seems like Galaga Wars gets even old school-ier.

Per the update:

With this update, you can now hunt the elusive Maple enemy. This special alien appears in sectors, and when killed, drops precious Credits. You can use these Credits to unlock the Pac-Man ship!

We certainly enjoyed our formal spin with the game; this update makes it even better.

The game remains free (with in-game purchases) on Google Play.


[Our Galaga Wars Review]

Galaga Wars Review

Galaga Wars Review

Nov 14, 2016

Galaga Wars is an old-school experience built for a mobile generation.

Based on the eponymous arcade hit from decades ago, this one recreates a space shooter invasion scenario, and allows folks to partake of it on our varied smartdevices.

Definitely worth a look. On paper, at least.

It plays in portrait, and utilizes brazenly expressive graphics that pop and sizzle… almost literally. The player uses a continuous finger gesture to guide the ever-shooting spaceship as it battles a futuristic cadre of lethal, bug-shaped enemy that is eager to destroy the last vestiges of humanity.galaga3

It boils down to a war of attrition. The main job is to take out the enemy craft, which dive and swoop in intricately adventurous motions, sometimes while shooting. So, one must position the craft to take out the enemy, while avoiding run ending/delaying enemy fire. As the game goes on, the enemy craft get craftier, as does the fire, and the bosses add an interesting wrinkle.

Better stuff can be purchased in the app.

It’s simply laid forth, so much so that one need not have played the original to like it; indeed, its roots as an arcade space shooter allow it to retain an intuitive feel that make it especially easy to get into and enjoy. The microtransactions, while understandable, do blunt the upgrade experience; one almost wishes that coin accumulation, however prolonged, were an option with regards to getting better craft and attributes.

The control mechanism can be an obstacle sometimes, but that is a reality of games if this sort that use gestures. What one might lose in the area of complete view of the playing area might be gained in accuracy of control.

All in all, at first play, it comes across as a competent port, and it doesn’t rely too much on nostalgia to make its presence felt.

Just as well, because the blast to the past can then be an added benefit.

80s Arcade Hit Galaga Comes to Mobile

80s Arcade Hit Galaga Comes to Mobile

Nov 3, 2016

Galaga Wars, a mobile refresh of the arcade hit Galaga from yesteryear, is back — on Android.

This one definitely looks like a pleasant blast from the bast; the story arc is mostly unchanged: one ship looking to avoid extinction, taking on waves and waves of endless enemy fighters.

There are several powerups to exploit, and bosses to conquer.

It plays in landscape, and at first glance, easily envokes an arcade feel with its color patterns. The features (per Google Play excerpt):

● The authentic retro, sci-fi experience returns for Galaga’s 35th Anniversary
● Weave through endless waves of original enemies, including the Bee, Butterfly, Scorpion and a many more.
● Evade the treacherous tractor beam of Mother Galaga in battle against the huge alien boss!
● Play as Galaga fighter, as well as other legendary Namco starshipsincluding Xevious, Galaxian, Star Blade and many more.
● Double your firepower by rescuing captured friends ships and merging into twin mode
● Enhance your space-faring abilities by upgrading and levelling up your craft.
● Blast through alien waves with 4 unique abilities per ship including laser, explosive shot, space mines, ghost shield and more.

Galaga Wars is presented by Bandai Namco; it is free with micro-transactions. Check out the launch trailer:

Digimon Heroes! Comes to Android

Digimon Heroes! Comes to Android

Jan 31, 2016

Digimon Heroes! is a new card battler from Bandai Namco, and it’s available now on Google Play.

Digimon Heroes is an exciting and free-to-play Card Battle Adventure featuring an all-star cast of more than 1,000 of your favorite DIGIMON characters! Collect your Digimon, build your teams, and conquer your enemies all over the Digital World of File Island.

Digimon Heroes includes a unique match-3 battle system to make your card battles simple to learn and devastatingly powerful to master! Fuse, evolve, and fight your Digimon, and chain together massive combos to destroy your enemies!

Match Command Cards to form chains and devastate your enemies!

You can choose from over 1000 different Digimon, from common to legendary!

Enhance the Digimon who have joined your party by digifusing them, digivolve them into even stronger forms, and finally break through their limits to unleash their full potential.

Fight your way through File Island and push your team to its limit with epic events and challenges!

The game is free-to-play.

PAC-MAN Bounce Review

PAC-MAN Bounce Review

Oct 13, 2015

The are hardly any unchangeable truths in gaming.

At, least, not anymore. There are new genres. Quality, console -level experiences are becoming more and more mobile. Mobile gaming transcends generations. Games can be be big business — and the reverse can be equally true. In the end, with regards to mobile gaming, I have learned to never say “never,” and to keep an open mind, because things change. Heck, my likes change on a weekly basis. Games I like today may not catch as much of my fantasy next week.

One thing that will probably remain unchanged for me is my fascination with Pac-Man. pmb3

The reasons are numerous, I guess. It was a game I literally grew up with. It showed me — and the rest of the world — that there was indeed life beyond space shooters. It gave me a reason to save pennies. I learned everything I know about smack talking due to it.

It has graced us in many, many forms and spin-offs since its debut, and with PAC-MAN Bounce, Bandai Namco manages to hit us up with yet another made for the small-small screen of one’s mobile device.

This one gets played in landscape, and visually, presents a colorful, varied experience. We do get the diversity of hues we’d expect, but it is a decidedly more modern representation of the classic. A lot of the characters are familiar, starting with are hero, and the animations are generally straightforward. The sound is especially cheerful, and shamelessly reminiscent of the original.

The gameplay is quite different from the arcade version; this one employs a leveled progression that requires success in one to unlock a subsequent level. In each level, there are three starts and a key. The main idea is to consume the key, and consuming the stars earns extra credit.

A main tool to effect this are direction arrows. Some can be turned to redirect PM to a desired direction. He also bounces of solid walls. Thus, the idea is to use fixed and movable arrows to get the key, and if possible, the three stars and move on.

The playing areas do evolve with complexity, with gaps, ghosts, red herrings and more; even the elements (like arrows) become a bit more interactive. Down the road, the game even plays more like the original, with deviously moving enemies.It is interesting fare, with plenty of mind-bending puzzles. Levels can be retried, but there is an energy requirement that can be overcome by patience and/or real cash.

Altogether, a cool adventure that is easily consumed in small morsels.

You Can Now Play Pac-Man Championship Edition DX on your Mobile

You Can Now Play Pac-Man Championship Edition DX on your Mobile

Aug 1, 2015

Thanks to Bandai Namco, you can now play Pac-Man Championship Edition DX right on your mobile.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is the very same game you played on console with all the fancy visuals and audio intact. It’s been optimised for shorter playing sessions though so you can still get in a quick game on your coffee break.

Apart from that, nothing has changed. You’ll still need reflexes of the gods to devour all pellets, power-ups, and ghosts in your way as you launch up the leaderboards.

There are five different game modes and 10 unique zone layouts to play them on. It’s chock full of content, with over 130 stages to complete as well.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX received universal acclaim when it launched on console and has gotten off to a strong start on mobile as it’s currently being featured on the App Store.

If you want to check it out for yourself, head on over to the App Store or Google Play where it’s available as a premium app for £2.29 / $4.99 right now.





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Jul 3, 2015

DRIFT SPIRITS seems to be the type of game that could allow one to live life on the edge. Digitally.

At its core, it’s a 1v1 drag racing game with an emphasis on drifting. Competitors go toe-to-toe on curved race track that are all but built to encourage oversteering, and the idea is to level up and get rewards to improve one’s car and progress as far as possible.

The game opens up easily enough, with an AI-driven tutorial that is primarily hands-on. One gets to pick a a car, and get lessons in how to control the car. The controls are virtual, and a bit surprising, in that there is no steering to be had (despite the virtual steering wheel to the bottom right); the control set has more to do with timing… at least at first. To explain, revving the car up takes a degree of precision to get the best jump off, and the drifting procedure involves looking for the right target point to tap the steering wheel to activate the skill. The same sense of timing is required to “release” the car. Doing it too early and just a bit too late throws off a progress, and as these are relatively short races, mistakes can be costly.


Performance yields game cash payouts as well as performance points; the former can be used to improve vehicles and accumulate valuables, while the latter helps with the aforementioned leveling. Additionally, winning races allows for one to gain pieces dropped by the opponent, which can help with improvements and/or boosts. One example is nitro; using this tool at the right time can be the difference between a win and a loss.

It’s a fairly logical game that gets straight to the point and manages to hold the interest past the initial stage. It gets harder, obviously, with boss meetings and budding rivalries. The dialogue loses something in translation, and it does feel formulaic in parts, but it works as a time-waster, especially in story mode.

BANDAI NAMCO Releases New Game PAC-MAN Friends to Android

BANDAI NAMCO Releases New Game PAC-MAN Friends to Android

Aug 22, 2014

Prolific Android publisher BANDAI NAMCO has unveiled another title in PAC-MAN Friends. In this game, PAC-MAN characters take on mazes in their quest to escape from Ghost Castle.

From the press release:

BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc. put out a gameplay feast today with the launch of PAC-MAN© Friends, an original arcade-style action-puzzler starring gaming’s most historic characters. This new experience, featuring an engrossingly challenging campaign, new characters with dynamic abilities and a buffet of control mechanics from which to choose, is available to download now on iOS and Android devices.

The mazes of PAC-MAN© Friends require sharp wit and fast reflexes to survive. As PAC-MAN chomps his way through 95 levels across seven different worlds, he’ll have to rescue his eight allies and put their unique powers to use to escape the haunted corridors of Ghosts’ Castle. Running into obstacles like Blinky or his ghastly underlings – Pinky, Inky and Clyde – will cost PAC-MAN a life, but diverse power boosts and the special skills of his buddies will help PAC-MAN turn the tide from prey to predator.

PAC-MAN© Friends is bursting with retro-inspired artwork and design, harnessing the feel of classic PAC-MAN titles balanced with vibrant colors, animations and Retina display support for a crisp, clean look. Daily rewards and the freedom to challenge friends for high score supremacy keep the adventure fresh and exciting long after the Ghosts have been exorcised.

PAC-MAN Friends is available for free (with in-app purchases) on the Play Store.