Battle Islands Review

Battle Islands Review

May 5, 2014

With the success of Clash of Clans over the last year, it’s no surprise that other companies have decided to get into the mobile freemium strategy genre. Battle Islands is just another one of those games that takes a popular concept, and attempts to put its own twist on it all.

The game is set in the World War II era of 1942. Players are required to build up units of soldiers in order to attack, and take over, various islands in the South Pacific. The theme is a fresh take on the genre, but the gameplay is just all too familiar. And unfortunately, the team at 505 Games fail at delivering anything more than a briefly entertaining re-skin of what Clash of Clans is.

battle islands fight
The game throws you right into a nice tutorial session upon launch that shows you the basics of how to place and build buildings, train soldiers and make sure you have enough equipment necessary to defend against attacks later on in your game. After the tutorial, players can complete a variety of challenges to earn the gold bricks.

The gold bricks are the essential currency of this game that can either be earned or purchased. Purchasing the bricks allow the game to progress much faster whereas earning them becomes a long, tedious process over time. Players do start out with a few gold bricks, but they quickly run out, leaving you empty handed when you need them the most.

Then comes the waiting. More often than not, your time playing this game will be more of waiting for troops to train and buildings to finish constructing than it is actually fighting. The game’s slow progression takes away from the briefly fun aspect of fighting with opposing players.

The World War II theme keeps the game somewhat fresh at the beginning, but that charm only lasts so long before you realize you are playing the same type of game you are used to. And it’s not like the game does anything truly terrible, it’s just the same package in a new wrapper.

At the end of the day, it all depends on how much you love the genre that will determine your enjoyment. If you don’t mind the repetitive place buildings, train troops, attack enemies and block off attacks gameplay, then Battle Islands may be the game for you. If you are tired of the new dog, old tricks gameplay, then your best bet is to move on to something else.