Battle Nations Review

Battle Nations Review

Nov 4, 2013

Battle Nations begins like many other freemium wargames before it. Players build up a base from scratch, place resource and military buildings and slowly crank out an army. Once some base defences are built and a few platoons of soldiers are ready, they can enter combat.

Combat presents a modicum of complexity. Battles take the form of turn based struggles, where troop strengths and weaknesses come into play to wipe out the enemy. Many troops have both secondary and primary weapons and the game’s unit balance makes sense.

There is an interesting variety of soldiers and vehicles to build as well. Tons of forces are on offer, from Molotov tossing musclemen, to shock staff wielding elites.

Screenshot_2013-10-31-08-37-32Battle Nations features several gameplay modes, most notably the single player. BM’s single player actually has a story, told though entertaining and well-drawn cutscenes and there are many great characters and funny moments to make it worth pushing through.

Battle Nations unfortunately requires far, far too much waiting. For example the game’s simplest troops, the Trooper, a run of the mill rifleman takes nearly 8 minutes to recruit. The next simplest, the Grenadier takes 12 minutes. Units cannot be queued up either Instead, the player needs to painstakingly tap three times, once on the barracks, once to start the recruitment, then again to collect the soldier. Repeat this dozens of times for every army.

Screenshot_2013-10-31-10-42-21Like many freemium games, a premium currency can be used to speed things up. The game never misses a chance to push the player to buy nanopods, and many elite troops require them to recruit.

Battles also are often far too costly. While this is good in a way, since losing a fight costs a ton of resources for no gain, just like real life, it doesn’t really make the game very fun when hours and hours of grinding is needed to replace those losses. The troops aren’t actually lost, you just need to pay a bundle to retrieve them from the hospital. In mp battles no troops are lost but you must wait an hour or two for them to return from the battlefield.

Graphically, Battle Nations is mixed. Unit design is also a cut above average. Plenty of personality and attention to detail has been lavished on even the lowliest soldiers. The other part of the game however, the base building is very plain, bristling with dull building art and a multitude of extremely tiny, frequently unreadable fonts.

Soundwise, Battle Nations is impressive. Weapons sound excellent, with plenty of punchy firing sounds. Base building has satisfying clicks and whirs as construction takes place.

Battle Nations is not worth much more than a quick blast to experience its amazing story, it has many problems, an annoying freemium model and while it is a cut above the average freemium game, there are too many great games on Android to bother with one that makes it this difficult to play.