Battle Towers Review

Battle Towers Review

Apr 15, 2013

Tower defense games are hardly a sub-set of apps that’s in need of another entry. They’re a dime-a-dozen and odds are that you’ve got your favourite tower defense game installed already. It’ll take something special to stand out in this crowded marketplace.

Here’s where Game Insight’s Battle Towers comes into play. The fact it’s a tower defense title should give you a good idea of the aim of the game. Stop the enemy destroying your base whilst also trying to destroy the enemy’s base. What’s new?

Well, it’s all about timing in Battle Towers. A clock sits at the top of the screen displaying the time of day, being either sun-up, dusk or sun-down. When the sun’s up, the humans are stronger and when the sun’s down the orcs are stronger. Dusk is neutral. This means you’ll need to time your charges well, otherwise you could end up being in the enemies base when the sun goes down. That would be bad.

unnamed (3)To win the battle you’ll need to grow your defenses and build up your army. Building up your base boils down to waiting for enough food to be churned out by your houses and your castle and there’s also ‘prayer power’ that builds up, which is gained by building temples or destroying the enemy. You’ll upgrade your buildings but this doesn’t really unlock anything, it just means you’ll get more of said resources.

Food lets you buy more soldiers and build buildings whilst ‘prayer power’ lets you cast spells. It’s a little disappointing that there’s not much you can control when the battle’s underway.

Your interaction with the game comes down to dragging buildings onto pre-defined areas of the field, dragging spells on top of buildings or soldiers and pressing the attack button. You can tell your soldiers to focus on particular enemy buildings, which can be useful to take out pesky guard towers first before you go on to destroy the enemy base.

The main problem with the game is that there’s not enough to it. Not enough building types or soldier types. It’s also poorly spaced-out in terms of the fact it’ll take you an absolute age to unlock the two soldier types and one extra building type that’s locked away.

The graphics are fine and my Nexus 7 was able to handle the hundred or so characters on screen at once. What lets the presentation down is the sound. Whilst the music neatly fits in with the transition from night to day, the sound effects are extremely repetitive.

Battle Towers is a solid game that’s lacking in content and locks away what is has in such a way that to see everything you’ll have to play for months or pay some cash. Worth playing, but not worth sticking with.