Bottle Cap Blitz Review

Bottle Cap Blitz Review

Aug 1, 2013

I have to say, Bottle Cap Blitz is a total surprise to me. Although the fact that people can make a game out of anything is well-known, it’s still always a pleasant incident, when the game in question turns out quite entertaining. I expected Bottle Cap Blitz to be nothing but a time-waster for party-boys, returning from their VIP beaches and out of vodka for a minute, but it turned out to be a bloody well-done time-waster.

Bottle Cap Blitz 5Bottle Cap Blitz‘s story isn’t exactly Citizen Kane. The player is chilling at the beach bar and throws bottle caps at ice cubes to pass the time. It’s akin to Fruit Ninja in its simplicity, but it’s also close in its staggering ability to drown the time in an incredibly monotonous procedure. There’s one thing to do and one thing only: tap on the screen to throw bottle caps at ice cubes for a minute, and get the greatest possible high score.

If several ice cubes are hit with a single bottle cap, a bonus is awarded. Depending on the player’s productivity – or, perhaps more correctly, lack thereof – he is awarded experience that can transcend him to the next level, unlocking one of the new mechanics of the game, like cherry ice cubes that blow up all the other ice cubes on the screen, a watermelon ice cube that slows time for a bit, or power-ups that give various abilities at the cost of coins. The aforementioned coins can be gathered throughout the game, bought with real-world money as in-app purchase, or simply not be bothered with, because power-ups are for slackers. The in-app store, which is only unlocked after you play the game for an hour straight – strange, but whatever – is not in any way required for the simple-minded fun that Bottle Cap Blitz proposes.

Naturally, the challenges are introduced as well. For example, pebbles can sometimes be thrown along with ice cubes. Hitting them will remove some points from the score, and remove all of the ice cubes that are flying along with it. There’s also a daily challenge that grants some bonus coins. There are several lesser challenges as well, apart from the main goal of Bottle Cap Blitz. The game starts out as deceptively primitive, but as it gains pace, it becomes quite a challenge.

It’s quite an achievement, I think, to make a game with such a simple, borderline ridiculous premise, and actually make it not only enjoyable, but quite engaging, as well. Bottle Cap Blitz is definitely a fine game, and its gameplay simplicity certainly helps. Although I’ve had some problems with it requiring a Google Plus account for no valid reason, but after it started, there were bottle caps, flying all around.