Space Beats Review

Space Beats Review

Aug 2, 2013

Ever imagined something like Dance Dance Revolution for the fingers? Yes! We all have, and Space Beats is just the game for folks with sturdy digits, keen eyes and wrists that move to the rhythm.

Nimble fingers win the day. Simply put, you tap rapidly forming three-dimensional objects with the beat to keep the music going. The pieces to the orbs all come in from different angles, playing havoc on the eyes. Tapping on the orb scores points, but actually tapping on it to the beat scores even more.

An arcade-type game is not worth its salt without multipliers, and in this aspect, this game is worth its salt; there are multipliers to be had, and they can be invoked by tapping. Additionally, the freestyle level is yet another change of pace, allowing players to tap on beat for even more points.

At random points in the game, orbs with the word “tap” appear; rapidly hitting these score extra points as well. Since they rarely stayed still, and other orbs are still appearing, it is somewhat of a challenge to maximize scoring here. A key part of the challenge is dealing with “The Golden Hedron” orb, which I viewed as a boss level of sorts. Defeating it unlocks special features.

It starts out easily enough, but success has consequences; the objects start really flying in, and they come in bunches, making rapid reaction a key part of successful strategy. Thankfully, there are three game modes for different space2type of play moods: easy, normal and difficult.

Graphically, this game is a psychedelic, futuristic-looking wonderland. With dark hues as the background, the pastels of the orbs stood out reasonably well, with the animations looking especially engaging. It looks like it is happening in orbit.

Even though the game does offer variation, I can imagine the risk of monotony over time. I would have loved even more types of music… maybe even juicier multi-genre mixes to jumble things up.

It’s a fun game works well as a time waster… or more, if need be.