Beautiful Notes for Honeycomb Review

Beautiful Notes for Honeycomb Review

Nov 3, 2011

If there is one thing better on the Motorola Xoom than the iPad, it’s that typing is much better, especially with sizable thumb keyboards available. However, an app called Notesy has made typing up articles on the iPad much easier than on the Xoom. So, my hunt for good text editors for Android continues with Beautiful Notes. This is a plaintext editor designed for Android tablets that is meant for more advanced plaintext editing than what default Android apps and most apps on the Market provide. Both plaintext notes and to do lists can be made in the app, with the ability to both save locally and to Dropbox. A variety of beautiful backgrounds are available to be displayed,

Automatic Dropbox saving is the key feature of the app. Notes and to do lists can easily be saved to the cloud storage service, so the data can easily be re-accessed if the app needs to be reinstalled, or from any other app that can read the JSON files. The design is very classy, with plenty of beautiful backgrounds available. A “Zen” display mode for just editing documents is also available, with no stray UI elements to distract.

Quite annoyingly, there’s no easy option to export files as a plaintext documents. While the JSON files are easy to extract the text from, it’s just not as convenient. The interface is difficult to figure out at first, as many of the icons are unclear, and there’s an entirely different section of icons for the individual document and for the app itself, though also the theme selection is with the rest of the document-specific options is baffling. There’s no word count tool, no manual save button.

This just isn’t the kind of hybrid of simple text editing with advanced features that I need. As a writer, I want a good app for Android that works like Notesy for iPad. This app and MyNotes Pro have some of what I need, but not everything. Someday…