Crowdfunding Spotlight: Shindig for Android

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Shindig for Android

May 21, 2014

Let’s be honest, going out and ordering drinks with friends can be a stressful endeavor for those unfamiliar with craft beers or those who cannot tell a 1996 Cabernet from a 2013 Merlot. Fortunately, smartphones have recently made this an easier experience with apps such as Shindig and Untappd. Android owners, however, have not had access to the former, but that is about to change; a recent KickStarter project has just been successfully funded that has allowed the developer of Shindig to bring its successful app to the Android side of the fence.

The iOS version of the app was given an “Editor’s Choice” rating by our sister website, and has found a devoted following that is constantly updating the drink database which is not just limited to mixed drinks but also includes craft beers and wines. No longer will Android users be blankly staring at the wine list before a big meal, and ordering a craft beer at that new bar down the street will be less of a shot in the dark.

Shindig keeps it simple. Instead of filling out a long list of criteria for each drink the user simply has to snap a picture and tag the drink from the aforementioned database. This is such a benefit because nobody wants to spend 5 minutes on their phones typing detail after detail while out at a bar with friends. Of course there are other details to add if there is time, such as location and a note, but these are strictly optional. And again, because all the information is crowdsourced there will always be up to date information on any brew or wine out there. Also, have a hankering for a really good Tom Collins? Just enter it into Shindig and it will displays all the bars in the area that serve that specific drink which is perfect for travelers or those just looking to explore and find new establishments in a familiar city.

As I stated earlier this project was just successfully funded, but there are still two days to go and every extra bit still helps and there are plenty of donation incentives to reward those who pledge and there definitely are plenty of reasons to support these developers. Part of the reason I like this project is the commitment to not just create a port of the existing iOS app. iOS and Android have differing design philosophies so just copying the style over from one platform to the other neglects the subtle differences that helps to create a seamless phone experience.

Fiz: Brewery Management Game

Fiz: Brewery Management Game

Dec 20, 2013

It’s no secret that craft beer is the fad that brings everyone from all walks of life together; hipsters to lawyers, middle aged middle management to college students, men and women, all have enjoyed this new phenomenon where your local watering hole or liquor store doesn’t feature the same boring watered down beverages, but rather those made with passion and love that taste amazing. Similarly, the game Fiz: Brewery Management also possesses the soul of those great craft breweries; a game that was built from the ground up by a group of passionate beer drinkers, with a little financial help from those on Kickstarter.


Many management style games utilize microtransactions or a way for the player to “cheat” their way to the next level. Players of Fiz will not see anything of the sort. Instead currency must be earned through financial management, budgeting, marketing research, beer sales, and participating in given events. While this title never let’s you completely tank, it also doesn’t make it a cake walk to earn the big bucks and become a world renown brewer either. This title really makes the player have to think and be resourceful, even more so than popular NimbleBit or Karisoft titles. Anything from where you sell, to what you sell, to how it’s made can make or break your digital brewery, much like real life.

Beer Geeks will also love the deep selection of styles of beers one can brew in Fiz. Anything from Lagers to IPAs, to Saisons and Russian Imperial Stouts and even Barleywines are some of the many types of beer you and your pocket brewery can produce for the various unseen e-customers. Of course, not all beers are created equal, as some have higher costs than others and some don’t do as well as others do at certain establishments. You could spend most of the game brewing the basic Lager and selling it at your buddy’s market, but no brewer with any merit wants to do just that. Besides, where’s the adventure and money to be made?


Even the individual brews can be affected depending on any number of factors. The equipment in which your establishment owns to who you have on staff, can affect the quality or time it takes to make a beer. Even special modifiers can be put in which can increase player’s XP, beer quality and a number of other factors. There is an absolute ton of different things players need to factor in when trying to make that perfect beer.

There is just so much about this game that makes it a lot of fun, interesting, and a title that you just won’t be able to walk away from. It also gives players the freedom to play as much or as little as they like, with the game’s time pausing upon exit. This way one needent worry about time passing without profit. Not only is Fiz one of the most realistic management games out there, it’s probably one of the most interesting. Much like your favorite beer, once you try Fiz, you’re going to want to tell everyone else about it.

Free Friday App Rundown January 4 – Drinking Games

Free Friday App Rundown January 4 – Drinking Games

Jan 4, 2013

Drinking isn’t the only thing to do at a party but when some drinking is going on, making a game out of it can really make for a lot of fun. This week’s free app rundown has a few games to get the party going. If there is a legal age for buying alcohol, abide by it regardless of how fun these games might be.

Beer or no Beer

Beer connoisseurs will love Beer or no Beer. The idea is to guess whether or not the beer being displayed on the screen is an actual brand someplace in the world. If the person holding the smart phone gets the answer correct, the game continues. If the person gets it wrong, they drink. The most drinks depend on how many people guessed right before the incorrect answer.

Download Beer or no Beer

Spin the bottle drinking game

Remember the game Spin the Bottle? Well, this is the drinking game version of that. Spin the wheel and see who drinks. To add to the fun, there are a couple of other games, drinking Wheel of Fortune and a drinking board game. All of the rules for drinking Wheel of Fortune and drinking Spin the Bottle are the same as the regular games, just with alcohol.

Download Spin the bottle drinking game

101 Drinking Games

When the party calls for something a little out of the ordinary, 101 Drinking Games offers up over 250 drinking games. Scrolling through the list it’s easy to find something to fit the parties mood. There’s also so many games in here, it’s for a breeze to find one that’s new to everyone. The list also has a lot of the old favorites in there too.

Download 101 Drinking Games

Drinking Games

Looking for a few classic drinking games like Truth or Dare and I Never? Here’s the game to check out then. Over 50 drinking games are available to play. Sometimes having too many choices can make it harder to choose. 50 games is enough of a choice to keep the party rolling and has enough games people are familiar with so the party doesn’t slow down from having to learn how to play a new game.

Download Drinking Games

Party Starter (drinking games)

When a crowd of people get together and are drinking, there’s bound to be an arguments about how the game is played. Party Starter has a big list of drinking games and a comprehensive rulebook. Searching for games is also pretty easy because of the categories and search function.

Download Party Starter (drinking games)</em

Disclaimer: These applications are intended for audiences of legal drinking age and for entertainment purposes only. Drink Responsibly.