Hello Kitty Kruises Review

Hello Kitty Kruises Review

Apr 9, 2014

Hello Kitty Kruisers is a cutesy racing game with console roots that takes the time to be easy to play and understand.

There are two modes to play, known as Adventure and Tournament. The first, initial iteration of the tournament mode looks and plays a whole lot like Mario Kart, in that there are a whole lot of boosts, windy raceways, conniving opponents and more than few hazards. There are other racers, obviously, that are controlled by the game engine. Soon as the start countdown is performed, the racers take off, jockeying for position; fighting for position will occur concurrently with having to navigate curves and such. The brake button definitely helps, and can be useful tool to show down or even effect stops, as the game makes the car accelerate by default.

On the raceway, there are boosts that occasionally show up, usually in a line. Getting these is a good thing, and hk1definitely worth fighting for, as these boosts can be crucial with regards to getting the lead and/or causing problems for cars ahead. The boosts, again, feel familiar… stuff like cupcake projectiles, shields and more. In this aspect, racing is all out war, and offense and defense are almost important as raw driving skill. The raceway has speeding ramps, which, when rolled over, speed up the racecar. The adventure mode have cool time challenges as the base.

The controls were not my favorite part of the game; it gives the option of tilt or joystick, which is great, but they felt a little loose. The graphics are great, but if one is using the aforementioned Mario Kart as the barometer, the environments feel sparse. Also, the game calls for paid upgrades after the initial game purchase.

As far as games based on cuddly, popular characters go, it’s a safe bet to try, but as noted, the 99 cents will take one only so far on its own.