Upcoming MMORPG Durango Opens Up Beta Testing

Upcoming MMORPG Durango Opens Up Beta Testing

Nov 30, 2016

When Nexon Korea does it, it usually goes big; the veteran Android game publishing house is no stranger to hit games; it already has quite the stable on Android OS.

Still, good news abounds: Nexon Korea is getting in on the holiday spirit by announcing that fans who want to get an early taste of its upcoming game Durango can now sign up formally to be beta testers.

This specific beta test phase will allow participants to get in on the game mechanics, such as character customization, clan battling, village building, and — this one warms the heart — dinosaur taming and rising. It sounds like a well-rounded game, one that seemingly has plenty to keep players entertained.

The developer promises a beautiful but dangerous environment that puts an emphasis on survival.

The beta pool is limited, and the phase formally starts on December 14th; as such, it behooves those interested to get registered. NOW.

Beta key distribution has officially started.

This beta is available on Android and iOS; check out the preview trailer below:

[via Durango website]

Facebook Turns to Crowdsourcing to Solve Android Fragmentation and Support Issues

Facebook Turns to Crowdsourcing to Solve Android Fragmentation and Support Issues

Jun 28, 2013

Want to test out Facebook app updates before they’re publicly-available? Well, it’s now pssible to join the Facebook for Android beta program. Just visit the Facebook Engineering team’s post announcing it, and read up on the details, then join their Google group and become a tester. Testers will be getting updates to test out 7-10 days ahead of their general release.

The advantage for the Facebook Engineering team is the ability to get testing on more devices. Yes, even a company like Facebook has issues with all the devices out there! By crowdsourcing device testing and compatibility, they can make sure that updates work better once they’re finally released. Plus, hey – getting early access to features ain’t a bad thing. Just remember – beta testing is best with feedback, so it’s advised that users who do sign up actually try to offer feedback. Together, we can all create a world without Facebook app glitches!