Big Fish Debuts New Cloud Gaming Service

Big Fish Debuts New Cloud Gaming Service

Jul 25, 2012

Casual game publisher Big Fish has officially launched its new universal cloud gaming service, Big Fish Unlimited, in the United States.

Big Fish Unlimited allows customers to stream games from the company’s 2,500+ catalog instantly on a variety of connected devices. About 100 titles are available now, and more will be added every week. People can access a rotating roster of 20 ad-supported games for free, or pay $7.99 a month to choose from the service’s premium catalog. Game progress is saved remotely, allowing players to easily continue their sessions across devices.

Although the service is currently available on PC browsers only, the company plans on adding support for Mac, tablets, smartphones, connected TVs, and other platforms over the coming year. It will also be available on Roku later this year thanks to a new strategic partnership between the two companies.

“Big Fish Unlimited is a new way for customers to enjoy our games,” added Paul Thelen, founder and CEO of Big Fish. “While our downloadable PC and mobile games businesses are thriving, Big Fish Unlimited enables us to quickly reach new customers on new devices and in new territories.”

“Customers are increasingly adopting connected devices, and they expect games to be instantly accessible and playable across those devices. Big Fish will launch Big Fish Unlimited on PC browsers and tablets this quarter. Through our strategic alliance with Roku, we are adding a third screen: the connected TV. This marks the first time that customers can choose where to play, because our service is powered by the cloud and game progress will follow customers from device to device,” said Will O’Brien, vice president and general manager of cloud gaming at Big Fish. “The game play mechanics of our catalog of casual titles are ideally suited to this new delivery technology; anyone with a typical broadband internet connection will be able to use this service.”

Big Fish currently offers its games in 10 languages to a global customer base, and says it plans to expand Unlimited outside the U.S. in 2013.