Theme Thursday – Rainbow Pride HD

Theme Thursday – Rainbow Pride HD

Jun 30, 2011

For this week’s Theme Thursday, I decided to take a little inspiration from current events. In honor of the Marriage Equality Act, a New York State law that grants same-sex couples the right to marry, this week’s theme is a celebration of diversity called Rainbow Pride HD.

Rainbow Pride HD is a high-quality custom theme for ADW Launcher, a home screen replacement utility that allows you to customize your Android device’s appearance and operation. From custom wallpapers and icons to changing the way the app drawer displays and behaves, ADW Launcher makes it easy to control and manipulate these elements. Custom themes built for ADW Launcher are a quick, convenient way of completely altering your experience.

Rainbow Pride HD comes with more than 370 high quality icons. As you can see from the screenshots, they pull the theme together by displaying a rainbow texture against a shaded background.

The wallpapers each feature varied, vibrantly colorful scenes that are sure to make your Android device stand out from the crowd.

The theme is definitely colorful, and I really like the gray, semi-opaque backgrounds on the icons and folders. It’s certainly a different look, and while some might not agree with the message, I think it definitely delivers that message loud and clear. Of course, maybe the message you’re trying to send is just that you really like rainbows. With this theme, that should also be abundantly clear.

According to the theme’s description, the author of Rainbow Pride HD is continuing to support it by offering updates and inviting users to send email with icon requests — just in case there’s no icon for your favorite app.

Whether you’re gay, straight, bi, transgendered or otherwise, I think we can we all agree that diversity and equality are both good things. Here’s to those who are willing to say it loud and proud!

Rainbow Pride HD is available on the Android Market for US$1.00