Bit Breaker Review

Bit Breaker Review

May 19, 2014

At some point in our lives, I think we all played this game in one form or another. Bit Breaker is just like Alleyway or Break Out!, only with its own set of awesome power-ups.


Bit Breaker is a new iteration of one of gaming’s oldest concept: smash the blocks on top of the screen with the little ball, while bouncing it between a small paddle and the wall that needs to be destroyed. This type of game is known for its many faces – may it be on Nintendo’s Game Boy with Alleyway (my mom always took my Game Boy from me) or on PC with Break Out!. So Bit Breaker’s concept is not new at all and it does not try to reinvent the wheel or anything, but it does offer solid gameplay with his own set of power-ups and a flashy looks and electric sound.

The aesthetics of this game are incredibly important to set it aside from all the brothers and sisters it has. Bit Breaker has a flashy 8-bit theme. The color palette, as simple as it may be, is very well chosen and a good fit in combination with the electronic music. With it, the developer of this game really lifted this Break Out! clone to the 21st century. Another cool feature is the types of power-ups the game offers – yet a very important part to make it feel different. However, it does not provide some new powers, but the ones players may get, are just cool to have. Blowing blocks up, make the balls super fast or super slow, a bigger or smaller paddle – it isn’t anything we haven’t seen before.

And the controls are just fine too. Players control the paddle on the bottom the screen directly with a thumb or finger, making every mistake their own and not to blame the game for their failure. At the end of the day, Bit Breaker is just one of those games people play without limitations of time or place, because of its accessible nature.