Bitcoin Billionare Review

Bitcoin Billionare Review

Dec 11, 2014

At first glance Bitcoin Billionaire hardly seems like a game and in some ways it isn’t. It is in fact a devilishly addictive habit that uses a finely tuned system to show you ads while ensuring you won’t care and will in fact welcome the sight of ads!

Screenshot_2014-12-09-00-30-31Bitcoin Billionaire as you might expect is a game about mining the virtual currency known as Bitcoins. After customizing your avatar with clothes and a spiffy pirate bandana it’s simply a matter of tapping the screen as quickly as possible to generate riches; the faster you tap the more Bitcoins you earn. Once a few Bitcoins have been earned, these can be spent on investments like lottery tickets or collectable comic books. These generate a constant stream of income whenever the player is actively mining or not and also while the app is closed.

What really sets Bitcoin Billionaire apart though is the fantastic freemium model it has, a first for mobile gaming and an excellent idea. Rather than freemium elements like banner ads or videos getting in the player’s way, instead the game asks you, the player if it can enable these irritations. In return the player gets some kind of major bonus. They might get massively increased income per tap for half a minute, leading to a frenetic bout of tapping as quickly as possible, or vastly increased income from investments for a while. Thus the player will WANT to watch videos or allow banner ads to appear so they can cash in on these bonuses. At the same time they can be completely ignored in favour of continuing to tap the screen or whatever. This is a fiendishly brilliant model that entices the player to willingly inflict freemium annoyances on themselves, a truly alien concept to say the least but one that works extremely well.

Screenshot_2014-12-09-00-27-00As well as investing, Bitcoins can be used for cosmetic room upgrades. It starts off with a nicer poster or a paper shredder to replace the busted up ugly stuff your avatar starts with, but after earning a few million Bitcoins the player can switch houses, get some high tech computers, add a dog to keep your miner company and generally progress from some guy in a rundown apartment to a rich haxor with cutting edge tech in a fancy house.
Even your avatar is likeable. He talks a lot and the quotes are often clever or funny depending on what is happening.

Bitcoin Billionaire looks great. It’s warm pixel art style is unmistakeably Noodlecake and the explosions of money from bonus incoming and the constantly trickle of golden Bitcoin flying into your coffers will have pleasure zones popping all over your brain in a way few other games do.
The sound likewise is excellent. The constant tap tap tap of your alter ego’s keyboard as you generate cash is a constant companion and the loud DING sounds from bonus coins are music to the player’s ears. The great retro inspired music really gives the game a peaceful feel.

Bitcoin Billionaire isn’t a deep game. Indeed it is hardly even a game. It’s the epitome of a fun timer waster. It’s fun, not mentally taxing and heinously addictive. The great presentation and satisfying progression make it tough to put it down. Just about anyone should be able to get some fun out of Bitcoin Billionaire.

Bitcoin Billionaire Comes to Android

Bitcoin Billionaire Comes to Android

Dec 4, 2014

New, satirical game Bitcoin Billionaire is now on Android.

Bitcoin Billionaire follows some of the standard clicker game tropes in that you must tap the screen to “mine” bitcoins. The faster you tap, the more you mine. Then using your hard earned revenue, you can upgrade things like your bitcoin miner, your room and various amenities in your room, or spend it on investments that can be used to mine bitcoins while the game is idle.

In addition to bitcoins, you can also collect “Hyperbits”, which can be used to upgrade your idle investments or as boosts to various situations that occur. There are also randomly generated tasks that give various rewards and “Something Happened” events that can vary from bitcoin values plummeting to 140x tap value upgrades. Just like the real internet, anything can happen!

Bitcoin Billionaire is a free to play title that has an innovative ad system that allows users to activate ads such as videos and banners so that they can get boosts to their bitcoin collecting. There are no forced ads so anything that is shown is entirely up the player. In addition there are miner upgrades, auto tappers and hyperbit packs all available from the store if players wish to speed up the game play time. The core loop however has been refined in such a way that in app purchases are never forced on players and a lot of time was spent ensuring that players never hit that dreaded pay wall.

There are content updates already in the works for Bitcoin Billionaire so if you get too addicted to tapping and burn through all the content because you aren’t sleeping, rest assured. More tapping is coming soon!

The game is free to play (with optional in-app purchases) on the Play Store.

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Need to Spend Your Bitcoin Before the Bubble Bursts? Why Not Buy an Ouya?

Need to Spend Your Bitcoin Before the Bubble Bursts? Why Not Buy an Ouya?

Dec 6, 2013

Ouya’s got an interesting new way to pay for the system: with bitcoin? Yup, everyone’s favorite unregulated crypto-currency can now be used to buy the Ouya microconsole directly from Ouya. Sadly, it’s only possible to pay for the system with bitcoin; buying games on the store or even just credit from the site by using bitcoin isn’t possible yet. But hey, what else are you gonna blow your bitcoin on?