Suits and Swords Review

Suits and Swords Review

Aug 8, 2014

Suits and Swords is much like Blackjack version of the venerable and well received Sword and Poker. While a good ideas does a simpler game like Blackjack have the legs to support an RPG?

Suits and Swords has a rather amusing story. The majority of things and characters in the story are named after card related things. The main character is called Black Jack, he’s a solider or Battle Jack and the villain is an evil disembodied head named Joker. He’s pretty serious.

Screenshot_2014-08-07-23-47-32The coolest thing about Suits and Swords is the off the wall game concept. Just like Sword and Poker, this is one of those games that likely wouldn’t have been made if it wasn’t for the open door policy of the Playstore.

Suits and Swords features an overall map where the player moves between stages and buys new items and spells from the store. Each stage spot on the map is a battle.

Screenshot_2014-08-08-00-09-27Combat, as you might expect is mostly random. Both the player and their opponent draw a hand and the player selects to hit or stay. Magic can also be used to increase or decrease their hand, which feels a lot like cheating. The opponent then reveals their hand and hits or stays. The winner gets to attack and cause damage.

The combat isn’t bad, but it just isn’t as compelling as poker and the AI seems to get good hands almost all the time. Standing on 19 might be a pretty good idea in real Blackjack, but it’s a bad idea in this game. The AI will almost always get 20 or 21, which feels very unfair. The magic element to the game also feels a bit cheap. Magic can be purchased in the store and of course in-app purchases are just waiting to load the player up with magic.

Equipment also plays a role in the game, but it just increases defence or attack and there are no interesting effects like increasing the chance a certain suit will appear or the like. New equipment is unlocked often but it is extremely expensive to buy, pushing the player towards in app purchases.

Suits and Swords doesn’t look that great. Poor quality Flash-like graphics don’t do the game any favours and animations are extremely basic. The sound isn’t particularly great either. The music has no feeling and the sound is very generic. The game also has an obnoxious animated ad on screen between levels.

Suits and Swords is a passable game, but its lacklustre presentation, cheap feeling gameplay and ads aren’t very compelling. It relies too heavily on in app purchases and just doesn’t really have enough depth to hold the player’s interest.