Block Block Block Review

Block Block Block Review

Jul 1, 2013

Block Block Block is a game about blocks. Lots and lots of blocks. The goal is quite simple: in the limited number of moves, make sure there are no blocks remaining. This is done by swiping them around, swapping places, trying to make a sequence of at least three to make them disappear, though four and five and cross-matches work as well. If there are blocks left over when all the moves are used up, it’s failure for the player, though a quick restart is all it takes to get back in to things. Hints are available for those who just want the solution to levels, though these are more “showing the player how to solve the puzzle” than a “hint” per se.


There are six level packs, each introducing their own challenge, though the sixth level pack seems to just be based around the idea of “being really difficult.” Otherwise, level packs are based around blocks like fixed ones that standard blocks must be moved around, wildcard blocks that often must be used in mulitple matches each, and arrow blocks that will move constantly in one direction unless impeded.

I appreciate that the game decides to eschew any kind of artificial ranking system in favor of just completion being the determining factor here. Figuring out some of the more challenging puzzles is hard enough without trying to go for three stars! Here, there’s just one star, the “You succeeded!” star. It feels good to get that star. There is an achievement for solving some puzzles in fewer than the prescribed number of moves, but there’s no special indicator for it other than “hey, here’s a couple extra hints for breaking the game. Good job!”

It’s that relentless simplicity that makes Block Block Block really clever. The visuals and music are part of a minimalist package that all serves as a perfect theme for the game. Only the advertisements really intrude on the minimalism, serving as noise, but they can be removed. Hey, it’s a free game and at least they’re out of the way at the bottom. Additional hints can be bought with IAP, but they can be earned too.They’re literally a “pay to win” mechanism but not one where players must pay to win, which is the difference.

Block Block Block’s simple minimalist puzzle gameplay is great for puzzle fans looking for something to do while waiting for their Candy Crush Saga lives to restore, or for those that want a low-cost time-waster.