Bloo Kid 2 Review

Bloo Kid 2 Review

Apr 24, 2014

Bloo Kid is back in Bloo Kid 2.

Like it’s predecessor (which we had an opportunity to check out a few years ago), this one is retro-looking — and feeling — platform game. While the first is a tale of love and kidnapping, this one is the continuation: Bloo Kid and Pink Girl now have a kid called Pink Girl… and we get a new adventure.

Again, as the first iteration, this one retains the gameplay elements some folks might associate with cross platform hits Mario Brothers and even Donkey Kong. Our hero goes from left to right in a leveled romp that starts out fairly easy and gradually increases in difficulty. For instance, the first level introduces the basics of bloo1gameplay, with virtual buttons guiding sideways movement, jumping (and double jumping) and downward movement. There are round creatures with lethal powers the roam the grounds; thankfully, they can be dispatched by jumping on them. There are also special blue stars to collect, as well as regular gold stars; additionally, there are treasure chests that can be opened by jumping on hem, and these contain goodies like more collectible stars and even lives. Through it all, the basic idea is to get all the collectibles while staying alive by avoiding or vanquishing the enemy.

But the game UI starts tossing some tougher things as new levels are activated; water hazards that have to be oxygen limits, dangerous fish, bees and more. With the increased number of moving and lethal obstacles, a bit more care needs to be taken to beat the levels; in fact, at some points temporary retreat even becomes prudent. It’s the little tweaks like that that, in my mind, make the game so much fun.

The game employs delightfully pixelated graphics, and for this game it works. I liked the little things, like customizable controls

Not all sequels work. This one mostly does.