Blood Battalion Review

Blood Battalion Review

Oct 4, 2013

Sometimes it is fun just to watch games. Anyone who’s played the Sims knows that watching the drama unfold can be as fun as creating the drama.

These types of players will likely love Blood Battalion, a strategic RPG which is light on the gameplay and heavy on the spectacle.

Players begin the game by selecting a hero. It’s possible to pick from such heroes as a healer girl who’s fairly useless in a fight, but has the vital ability to keep other troops alive, to a swordsman who has immense power but not much else.

The chosen one then embarks on a long, long campaign. The campaign is pretty much a Screenshot_2013-10-01-20-20-46series of fights with minor snatches of story now and then. Blood Batallion’s story is largely incoherent due to some rather poor translation and the brevity of the game’s story scenes. A lot of the dialogue is amusing at least.

Battles themselves are for the most part automatic. The only things the player controls are the use of special skills and tapping the “Go” button to start the next turn. Special skills range from healing and strengthening skills to area attacks and extra hard hits and are in very short supply. Other than that, the movement of troops and their attacks are controlled entirely by the AI.

While this might seem to defeat the purpose of playing, the game provides enough control to keep it compelling while showing off a lot of pretty looking combat.

Screenshot_2013-10-01-16-44-17And boy is your army varied. From human troops like pikemen and swordsmen to giant ape monsters, gremlins and monks there is a huge selection of troops to throw at the enemy who deploys everything from odd chameleon men, to heavily armed dwarves and undead abominations. Much of the game’s appeal is seeing what weird and wonderful creatures there are to recruit next. Each unit type is lovingly detailed with some excellent art and interesting descriptions of their nature. BB does a great job of bonding the player with their troops, as any good RPG should.

Screenshot_2013-10-01-19-23-59Blood Battalion is very pretty. The game’s hand drawn appearance gives it a warm look that is a great change from other games available on mobile today.

Soundwise, the game is a mixed bag. The music is forgettable; it loops very often and battle sounds really boil down to a bunch of thuds with different pitches. On the other hand, enemies have amusing death cries and there is some nice speech when abilities are used.

Blood Battalion has quite a lot of in app purchases. It’s possible to buy packs of energy to play for longer and rare coins that enable the recruiting of top tier troops. The game is generous enough with low level troops, but I can see this unbalancing the game in later missions. Unlike most games of its type BB does not include any way to earn premium currency except by buying it.

Blood Battalion is a fun, free game. It may not have the deepest gameplay, and players may get bored of it pretty fast but the large amount of content on offer and the game’s personality make it worth checking out.