Blood & Glory: Legend Review

Blood & Glory: Legend Review

Oct 19, 2012

Gladiators are pretty much the most hardcore fighters out there. The fights were rigged for the one of the fighters to lose horribly but it didn’t mean people didn’t go to the fights whenever they were held. A fight to the death is pretty exciting from the sounds of it. Blood & Glory: Legend follows in these footsteps.

The tutorial is against a HUGE opponent. The basics of fighting are pretty easy to get the hang of. Press the shield to defend and swipe a finger across the screen to attack. At this point, it seems like a piece of cake; time their attacks and defend them while attacking when they aren’t looking.

After the fights, XP is gained along with victory income. Use the points to upgrade the gladiator. Throughout the story more is learned about the main character. The store is where new items can be bought to increase the likelihood of surviving the battles. Armor, weapons, shields, potions and other upgrades can be purchased using the coins earned from battles.

The enemies start out slow and easy to beat, but after a few fights, they get quite a bit harder. New attacks and combos are learned as the levels progress. The more attacks known, the better the chance of survival. Using the potions will also help the chances of living. Potions for healing, stronger attacks and better defense are available for purchase in the store.

At the end of the tournaments is a “big boss” to fight. This fight will use everything earned and learned through the fights in that tournament. Make sure to stock up on any potions and buy weapons or add skills if possible to make sure the battle is victorious. Defeating the boss will unlock achievements and the awards are also higher.