KickStarter Spotlight: Blood Alloy

KickStarter Spotlight: Blood Alloy

Sep 18, 2013

We here at Android Rundown are an avid collection of gamers, and like most gamers we all have a strong appreciation for the classics which explains why we cannot leave a game like Blood Alloy alone and not feature it in this week’s KickStarter Spotlight. Taking cues from influential games such as Metroid, Turrican, and Dark Souls, Blood Alloy presents an intense, moody, and gorgeous 2-D shooter. The gameplay is very reminiscent of the original Metroid games in the fact that is a two dimensional open-world platformer, and the fact that the main character is female and partially robotic are not so subtle homages to the classic game. Blood Alloy looks to play much faster than Metroid, however, and I feel this introduction of breakneck speed will really set it apart from other similar games on the Ouya marketplace.

Jumping, diving, and shooting through each level is augmented by incredible art design that immediately reminded me of Blade Runner, and gave the game a cool dystopian feel. Talking to the developer behind Suppressive Fire Games; Frank Washburn, he noted that the artists who worked on this game were directly influenced by Syd Mead who, in fact, designed the art style of Blade Runner as well as other popular films such as Tron and Aliens.

Currently, Blood Alloy is only planned to be available on Mac, PC, and Ouya, but the developers are working hard to add the Xbox and PlayStation to that list. What is not being included are mobile devices. I was told that because of the hectic pace of Blood Alloy the use of virtual buttons would be “suboptimal.” This is wholly understandable as that has always been the major knock on mobile gaming is that flat glass is no replacement for tactile buttons and analog sticks. This rings especially true for a game that needs split-second reflexes in order to stay alive.

So, in conclusion, Blood Alloy is a game that seriously looks great and with its frenetic and stylized gameplay I have no doubts that it will be a game that we will be talking about for some time to come. Unfortunately, in order for this to ever see the Ouya it has to be funded; which is something that Blood Alloy thoroughly deserves.

Friday Free App Rundown January 25 – Disease Games

Friday Free App Rundown January 25 – Disease Games

Jan 25, 2013

Back in the day (biblical times), it seemed like there was always some sort of plague or biological disaster happening. With all of the chemical warfare and crazy people out there, something could very possibly happen where a super disease takes out a chunk of the population. So, what’s the best thing to do? Make a game about it of course. :)

Plague Inc.

We have mentioned Plague Inc. before, but it is a really cool game and I thought it was worth mentioning again. The premise of the game is to unleash a plague on the world and try to kill every living person on earth. Playing with the different ways to spread the virus or bacteria or other plagues and the various mutations is fun in a scary way.

Download Plague Inc.

Disease Propagation Simulator

Disease Propagation Simulator is a little less of a game than Plague Inc. and more of a personal research tool. Play around with the different methods of spreading the disease. Different settings like setting the birth rate and how many of the kids are born sick make this a really interesting game.

Download Disease Propagation Simulator

Hospital Havoc 2

A little more on the catroony and lighthearted side of things, Hospital Havoc 2 is like combination of the SIMS and the TV show Scrubs as an Android game. Make a hospital and run it. Different diseases, some are embarassing or exotic, need to be cured.

Download Hospital Havoc 2

Micronytes Free

Micronytes Free is a game about someone who is sick and doctors can’t find out what’s wrong. They use some technology and the send in microscopic Micronytes to find and defeat the evil disease. It’s a pretty addictive 2D scroller.

Download Micronytes Free

ByeBye Mosquito

Okay, this one is a stretch to put in the category about disease games. I thought, mosquitoes, malaria… Anyway, fight off malaria by killing the mosquitoes before they can bite. While this is a free game, there are prompts to donate a real mosquito net to someone in need of protection from malaria riddled mosquitoes.

Download ByeBye Mosquito

Theme Thursday – Undead Android

Theme Thursday – Undead Android

May 26, 2011

I don’t know how, but it appears that the dead have come back to life! These zombies aren’t human, however, they’re androids. That’s right, androids have come back from the dead, and they want brraaaainnnnss! But there’s no need to panic, because the zombies aren’t real, they’re just a part of this week’s Theme Thursday!

This week’s theme, Undead Android, is a real thriller, featuring zombies that have invaded your smartphone and begun feasting on icons.

Undead Android is a premium theme for US$0.99 and is designed to run on ADW Launcher. ADW Launcher is a highly customizable home replacement for Android smartphones and tablets. All you have to do is install ADW Launcher and then download this theme to change your background, dock, highlights and icons. From there, you can customize icon placement, the number of screens and add custom shortcuts. It’s extremely easy to do and can really spruce up the look of your phone’s interface. Or, in the case of Undead Android, turn it into a bloody mess of brain-hungry undead androids.

The story behind Undead Android is that the theme was inspired by the work of DethBecomesYou and based on the web comic Android Undead.

You’ll be able to proudly display your love for Android AND zombies at the same time with 85 icons that are being, or have been, munched on by undead androids, smattered with blood and cartoon gore. You also get 5 docks and 8, blood-soaked wallpapers to show even more zombie love.

Currently, the premium version of Undead Android will get access to new icons first, but the designer promises that the updates will eventually roll over to the free version as new icons come to the premium version.

For those of you who are interested in the premium version, you can find it here on the Android Market while the free version of Undead Android can be found over here.