Mad Skills BMX 2 Review

Mad Skills BMX 2 Review

Feb 21, 2018

Memories, memories… that’s what the new-ish Mad Skills BMX 2 does for me.

If looks are your thing — and, if we had to guess, everyone would say they are — then hey, you’ll probably dig Mad Skills BMX 2. I mean, the default side camera view is as naturalas it comes, and the better to see it all with. The color blending is great, and it really has a serious feel to it, what with the realistic animations and the detail oriented backgrounds. Visually, it is quite richly expressed, and the eye candy component helps set the tone for the gameplay itself.

And when it comes to the gameplay, Mad Skills BMX 2 really wants you to get it, and goes about that by incorporating a fairly exhaustive tutorial. Said tutorial allows you to grasp the controls; these are fairly easy, with an emphasis on leaning forward/back to jump or bare down, along with boosts buttons when available. Rest assured, the intro sessions are done in parts: for example, you learn to maximize downhill speeds and when to tap that down button — to make it worth it, you race against a mirror image of yourself doing the off-road bike thing. Winning yields game currency, and then it’s off to do the tutorials for jumping, landing and so on.


When the teaching series is done, you’re ready to start the “true” racing pathway, and these are grouped by locale; you have to finish the one series to unlock the next. As you go on though, it makes sense to pick up better equipment, and that is where the earned game currency come in. There are also specials that can be unlocked, and there are plenty of opportunities to use real cash.

It’s fun, relatively self-contained number, easy to get into and enjoy. It allows for plenty of play of somewhat different types. It does bog down at times if you go the free route, so a little bit of patience would be required.

Worth a look, and even an afternoon.

Friday Free App Rundown February 22 – BMX Games

Friday Free App Rundown February 22 – BMX Games

Feb 22, 2013

When I was a kid I loved my BMX bike. My friends and I used to make jumps and go on the dirt trails in the woods near where I grew up. Since I got a little older, I don’t quite have the energy and ability to rebound like I did when I was a kid. What I do now is play games about BMX bikes. This weeks games are all about BMX bike and racing or freestyle BMX.

Bike Race Free

Bike Race Free is a a game where the BMX rider is put through many realistic and imaginary courses. Some of the different courses ask the rider to be upside down for in air for a lot longer than realistically possible. The goal of the game is that of many BMX games where the rider is on a course and needs to rider jump over obstacles making it to the end of the course as fast as possible. The graphics of the obstacles could be a little bit better but for a free game it’s not bad and a lot of fun.

Download Bike Race Free

Pumped: BMX Free

Pumped: BMX Free is a popular game. There are a lot of locations to ride and thousands of different trick combos to try. The physics of the game are pretty good. The controls for the game are on screen as well as using the motion detector in the phone. This means there is always something going on and to control the rider. To get the hang of it, they ask for new players to go through the tutorial to learn the basics. Once the tutorial is done, the backyard opens up where it is more of a free ride while accumulating points.

Download Pumped: BMX Free

Stickman BMX

Personally, I am a fan of the stick figure genre. Stickman BMX is a game with a really cool Official Trailer too. The different levels and hundreds of trick combinations on make for a very replayable game. What makes the game cool is the controls are easy to use and the graphics are great.

Download Stickman BMX

MegaRamp Skate & BMX FREE

Part of the BMX lifestyle is building ramps. MegaRamp Skate & BMX FREE has some of the sickest ramps in existence. The game has 10 real ramps from real locations in Woodward West, Woodward Camp, Times Square, LA, Santa Rosa
Plus: Zurich, Mexico City, São Paulo, Santiago. These ramps are scary big! Remember though, the bigger the ramp, the bigger the tricks.

Download MegaRamp Skate & BMX FREE


Glide through the levels in BMX Boy using the simple controls to accelerate and jump. While the rider is traveling along the side scrolling half, different obstacles get in his way. Hurdling these obstacles while doing tricks earns points. To finish the level simply reached the end. Along the way there are trophies to accumulate as well. This is one of the simpler games in the list but still a lot of fun to play.

Download BMX Boy