Asmodee’s ‘Onirim’ gets a big update

Asmodee’s ‘Onirim’ gets a big update

Jul 5, 2017

We are huge fans of Asmodee Digital; there’s something so cool about bringing traditional board games to digital on life. Onirim – Solitaire Card Game is one of these, and it’s getting an update as we speak.

So this update brings the Crossroads and Dead Ends expansion. It adds 16 new cards and more new content. Online leaderboards also make an appearance.

Adding 16 new cards to the deck, the Crossroads and Dead Ends expansion includes four Crossroads (Location cards) that can be played as any color. A Crossroad card can be played as the first, second, or third card of a series of the same color, in order to get a Door card from the deck; the color of the two other Location cards of the series determine the color of the Door the player unlocks. When drawing a Door card, players can also discard the Key Crossroad card to get the drawn Door card.

Where Crossroads open new possibilities, Dead Ends (Location cards) present new challenges. A Dead End card can never be played on the table, nor discarded “one by one.” Players must keep Dead Ends in-hand until the end of the game, unless they discard the whole hand at once (as part of a Nightmare). In the case of Nightmares, if the chosen penalty is to reveal the top 5 cards of the deck, then the Dead End cards are considered Dream cards; they are not discarded, but are put into the Limbo pile. Triggering an Escape can also discard Dead Ends; the player must discard their hand and draw five new cards

According to the presser, the expansion is $0.99.

Digidiced brings board game Terra Mystica to mobile

Digidiced brings board game Terra Mystica to mobile

Apr 21, 2017

Berlin-based Digidiced is arguably the king of digitized board games, and we definitely are not complaining about its latest offering: a digital, Android-bound version of popular board game Terra Mystica.

The game is available now on Google Play.

In a world of fantasy, called Terra Mystica, 14 races are fighting together or individually against their opponents to gain power and territory.

Using their resources smartly and terraforming wisely to gain supremacy and lead their own settlers to victory. The original digital conversion of the highly decorated Terra Mystica board game of Helge Ostertag and Jens Drögemüller.

Play against other players world wide or challenge the computer opponent.

This game is a premium title — $9.99 gets the whole thing.


Clue Review

Clue Review

Mar 31, 2017

When we a version of popular board game Clue on Google Play, we had to check it out.

The game starts out as one versed in the game would expect… with the selection of the character. the whole crew is present: Mustard, newish character Orchid, Scarlett, Green, Peacock and Plum. Then, one can pick other virtual players, and select the difficulty from three levels, ranging from easy to hard.

Then, it’s off to the game.

Yes, Boddy is our victim. The idea is to figure out the where, what and the who of the crime; this is done by deducing the cards in the solution envelope.clue3

The gameplay pits the player against the game UI, and one can select to against two or more virtual opponents. The virtual playing cards are set in their categories (Suspects, Weapons and Room), and one random card from each category is placed in the solution envelope. After this selection, the rest are dealt amongst the players. These animations are all performed at the onset, and is pretty nifty.

The game starts with the roll of the dice; this done by tapping the virtual pair. The idea is to get to rooms, and then “suggest” who did the deed, along with what weapon. The basic strategy from the “real” game remains: after each player’s suggestion, the successive player(s) has to show a card that is part of the current suggestion that is in his/her possession. The other players take relevant notes to narrow down the choices.

Here is where the arguably the biggest adjustment manifests. Instead of a physical note and pencil, the game utilizes an automatically-filled out digital form. This does make the game quite manageable, though it somewhat eliminates the game’s native charm.

And thus it goes, until the final guess is proffered. If successful, the player wins. If not, game over.

So… to the big question: how does it really compare to the physical board game? Quite well, actually. Anyone who has played the physical version should enjoy this. On the one hand, the lack of multiplayer is somewhat understandable but still pertinent.

Tokaido arrives on Google Play

Tokaido arrives on Google Play

Mar 21, 2017

Funforge Digital has a new game one on Google Play called Tokaido.

Yep, it’s based on Tokaido, the multiplayer board game by Antoine Bauza.

You are a traveler, in the heart of ancient Japan, walking the legendary East Sea road from Kyoto to Edo, trying to make the trek as fulfilling as possible. Discover the most magnificent landscapes, taste numerous culinary specialties, acquire rare and precious souvenirs, bathe in hot springs, visit the temples, and meet other travelers…. Tokaido is a rite of passage for the heart, walking in serenity and contemplation.

But do not be fooled by the peaceful appearance of the voyage, because you will have to demonstrate stronger strategy than your opponents if you want to win!

Whether you sneak along as a messenger, a geisha, or even a ronin, you must discover as many hidden marvels as you can along the road, so your journey is the most satisfying of all!

This one can be had for $6.49.

Mysterium: The Board Game Review

Mysterium: The Board Game Review

Feb 28, 2017

Digitized board games can be loads of fun, and are the perfect complement for an increasingly mobile existence. Few entities do it better than Asmodee, and the publishers ever-swelling stable of games is good for Android users.

It’s latest project is one we’ve been keeping an eye on for some time; Mysterium is an engaging board game in its own right, and we are eager to see how it translates to handheld.

The gameplay comes in a few flavors; at the onset, the game itself highly suggests for the player to get acquainted with Story Mode.

The game’s underlying story is set in Scotland in the 1920s. After numerous gruesome murders, someone is arrested, but after several more murders are committed, yet another perpetrator is apprehended.

Both claim no memory of the actual crime.

A local psychic is intent upon figuring out what otherworldly forces might be at play, and calls on a few psychic colleagues for assistance.

That is our setting, and the game proceeds thus.


The visuals fit well. Graphically, the game isn’t overly serious, and is willing to use whimsical depictions to give characters life. It uses popups to help move the gameplay along, and there is an ethereal, almost ghostly feel to the game, which is entirely appropriate.

This a card game, and it involves making educated guesses based on communication from a ghost; as such, it incorporates murder mystery elements. One might be forgiven for seeing some parallels with Clue, but this one is very, very far from a clone. One looks to decipher things like location, tool, weapon etc, and to add to the challenge, there are time limits involved.

After some (hopefully) shrewd guessing, one gets to “solve” the case… and move on.

Not bad.

The game also includes solo play and a multiplayer option.

It comes together surprisingly well, and is great for short bursts or extended play periods. It is engaging enough to not need the physical game to create fans, and that’s saying a lot.

New Digital Board Game ‘Potion Explosion’ Pops Onto Google Play

New Digital Board Game ‘Potion Explosion’ Pops Onto Google Play

Jan 26, 2017

Another one…

Asmodee Digital is carving out quite a swathe in the digital board game genre, and has yet another new one out.

It’s latest entry is Potion Explosion.

This one, like several of Asmodee’s other titles, is based off a physical board game that has the same name. It packs in tile-matching, strategy, online/multiplayer modes and more in an atmosphere the developer describes as ” Harry Potter-like”.

In Potion Explosion, you will explode ingredients, trigger chain reactions and gather it all in your caldron. You will then use your hard-earned unicorn tears, fairy dandruff and whatnot to craft powerful mixtures with wacky effects! May the best wizard win!

The game costs $4.99; check out the trailer below:

Colt Express Review: Wild West Card Trip

Colt Express Review: Wild West Card Trip

Dec 12, 2016

Frankly, I didn’t know what exactly to expect from Colt Express. Yes, it is spawned from a fun board game, but how on earth would it translate to mobile?

Spoiler alert: surprisingly well.

Hold that thought…

The artwork is fun with a bit of the whimsical; the fast-moving backgrounds and card characters invoke the old west quite adequately. The continual might be distracting for some, but the gameplay hopefully nullifies this for most.

It took a bit to get used to the card and their permutations, but with a little bit — okay, a lot — of practice, it began to come together. The tutorial did help a great deal, but it could be said that nothing beats actually playing.

The action takes place on/in the “moving” train as described above; when playing against the AI, the player takes on the persona of a train bandit. At the onset of a game, one gets chance-assigned actions cards, and one also gets so many opportunities to use them in the round, in turn with the other players.


The cards are straight-to-the-point: they initiate stuff like movement, punching/shoving, shooting, picking up goodies and even summoning the big bad marshal. The idea is to outwit each and out-accumulate the other bandits, avoid the marshal and end up with the most cash at the end of all the rounds.

One can move around, towards loot and away from others, on top of cars and through them, and so on.

In each around, the players have to select cards in advance; thus, there is a big reliance on planning ahead, because to succeed, one has to take into account the opponent moves. The game throws in a toughie every now and then too, so there is plenty of challenges available.

The game is smart enough to have multiplayer, though this is random.

All in all, it was fun — once I figured it out. It is a great diversion, and the board game elements really work very well.

Ticket to Ride is Free on Amazon Appstore

Ticket to Ride is Free on Amazon Appstore

Dec 2, 2016

Tis the season of giving, and the Amazon Appstore has Ticket to Ride (from Days of Wonder) for free.

That’s a game regularly priced at $6.99 available for free.

This is a port of the popular railway-based board game Designed by Alan R Moon, and features cross-platform multi-player functionality

Check out the formal feature set:

Main features

• Alan R. Moon’s official Ticket to Ride maps with original artwork in full high resolution
• Cross-platform online Play against other Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Mac and PC gamers
• An unparalleled online player community with tens of thousands of live opponents
• Solo play against up to 4 AI players
• Pass-and-Play with up to 4 live opponents
• Additional maps of Europe, Switzerland, USA 1910, Legendary Asia, India and Nordic Countries available as in-app purchases
• Detailed, interactive turn-by-turn, in-game tutorial
• Contextual in-game Conductor’s Notes to help you master all the maps
• True cross-platform: players can challenge on other platforms including Steam PC and Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad
• Online and offline Hall of Fame

Our sister site Pocket Gamer gave the game high praise when it tool a formal look a while back.

Go ahead and get this while it’s available…


Board Game Port ‘Colt Express’ Goes Live on Google Play

Board Game Port ‘Colt Express’ Goes Live on Google Play

Nov 28, 2016

More and more board games are beginning to make it to mobile devices, and Frima Studios and Asmodee Digital are adding another one to the list: Colt Express.

Colt Express comes to smartdevices as a turn-based card strategy game; up to 6 players can battle it out per game. Players move around from train car to train car, and take out opposing players while picking up loot.

To sum up, the game features:
• A wild west themed universe inspired from the original board game, digitally modernized
• A tactical and action-packed gameplay, for intense and unpredictable games
• An extensive Story mode following 6 characters, each with his own objectives and quirks. Available offline and saved the next time you log in.
• Numerous exciting game variants to unlock in Story mode.
• An online Multiplayer Mode
• A worldwide Leaderboard, updated and available in real-time
• A friendlist, with the possibility to play with your friends
• Collectible skins and environments to customize your adventures
• Many Achievements to accomplish, punctuating your exploration of the game

Colt Express costs $6.99, and is available now on Google Play. Check out the trailer below:

Notable Board Game Mysterium Due Out on Android this Year

Notable Board Game Mysterium Due Out on Android this Year

Nov 9, 2016

Like board games? Enjoy them on board games? Be on the lookout for Mysterium, due out in December.

The original game, developed by Oleksandr Nevskiy and Oleg Sidorenko, is interestingly based on a murder mystery; it packs in intrigue, a psychic character and the need to guess the details of the crime. The upcoming digitized version sounds similar:

Join the team of the brilliant clairvoyant Mr. MacDowell as a psychic for an exceptional séance! Lend a hand to the ghost haunting the walls of the Warwick Manor in his search for memories of his suspicious death. Read into the ghost’s visions to gather information on numerous leads in this atmospheric, cunning and immersive game. In Mysterium, gamers can also play as the ghost, whose communication with other psychics is limited to visions and dreams represented by beautifully illustrated cards.

The mobile version is being brought to life by Asmodee Digital, a design house that specializes in creating digital versions of board games, and Libellud, a board game publisher. Mysterium will have multiplayer functionality and singular Story Mode and some exclusive features.

The game is slated to cost $6.99; and will have in-app purchase opportunities. It will also be available on iOS and Steam.


Upcoming Game ‘Patchwork’ Due Out Next Week

Upcoming Game ‘Patchwork’ Due Out Next Week

Feb 18, 2016

Next week, we should see the arrival of a new game from Digidiced; this one is a mobile adaptation of Uwe Rosenberg’s popular board game Patchwork.

In Patchwork, you’ll go head-to-head against quilters all over the world by laying down tiles of different shapes and creating a patchwork of sorts. You’ll have to be strategic, though! With each piece of fabric placed, you move closer to the end of the time-tracking board. Go ahead and be the first one to move over a valuable single-square patch (thus stealing from the competition), but be careful: Racing to the end of the board will give you less time to build your quilt! Carefully plan each stitch and avoid creating holes — because each gap will cost you two points :)

Patchwork for mobile offers three different game modes:

— Local: Play against the A.I. in three varying difficulties (Lula/Easy, Hoo/Medium, and Ute/Hard), or share your device with another local player using the Guest option.
— Casual: Join unranked online matches — a step up from local play but not as competitive.
— Ranked: Challenge players from all over the globe in ranked matches.

— Faithful digital conversion of the award-winning board game by Uwe Rosenberg.
— Cross-platform worldwide multiplayer gameplay.
— Effective interactive tutorial.
— Analyze your best games (or learn tricks from the pros!) with the Playback function.
— Customize the interface with an ever-increasing number of backgrounds and colorful patterns.
— Challenge the A.I. in easy, medium, or hard mode.
— Consider every stitch you make in this deceivingly simple game.

February 24th is the day! The game is slated to cost $2.99 (with additional in-app purchasing opportunities), and will be cross-platform.

Check out the launch trailer below:

Game of Dice Receives ‘Pirate Attack’ Update (Video of the Day)

Game of Dice Receives ‘Pirate Attack’ Update (Video of the Day)

Feb 5, 2016

Joycity’s Game of Dice is getting a pretty major update that is rolling out now.

Dubbed the “Pirate Attack” update, the refresh brings new content to the mobile board game.


New Update, Pirate’s Attack!
1. Meet new character Anthony
2. Takeover treasure islands at new event map
“Pirate Map” to trigger special skills
3. New skill cards for a new strategy
4. You can now rate skill cards
5. Team & Guild Chatting now available
Check out a whole new Game of Dice NOW!

Game of Dice is free (with in-app purchase) on Google Play; a trailer featuring the update is below: