Sailboat Championship Review

Sailboat Championship Review

Dec 19, 2012

Sailboat Championship is fun. How fun?

So fun that I actually got lost in the tutorial, trying to break my own record.

In real life, I admit that racing yachts doesn’t exactly tickle my fancy. I mean, come on; I never did the prep school thing, don’t really know my starboard from a starfish and sure as heck am not in need of a tan. Yes, I’d probably watch on tv, but would probably be more interested in watching a lobster boat.

I’m just being honest.

Sailboat Championship didn’t change this, but it did make me appreciate the art of competitive sailing a bit more, and did so while incorporating top-notch graphics, sounds and fun gameplay.

First of all, the graphics: wow. The developer gets lots of praise from me for making water that looked like, well, water. The hues brought the water to life, making it the most important element in the game. The rocks formation and wakes were very nicely rendered, and the animations worked well to. The top-down view of the boat also emphasized the overall craftsmanship of the visuals. Sunken ships and crashed planes provided an eerie backdrop.

The game started with a two-part lesson: I had to learn how to work the sail to maximize wind direction and effect speed of travel, and I also had to figure out how to steer. It might not have been real maritime school material, but for a novice like me, it did make sense and even sparked some appreciation for the science of controlling these vessels. The tutorial-ending time course was really fun. I had to maneuver through buoys and different wind patterns to make it back through the finishing line with the best time possible. I found myself looking to break my own record again, and again.

The actual racing was fun too; the game engine gradually got more difficult, with upgradeable equipment and coins. Beginning with the second stage regatta, there were multiple sea vessels in the races, and the game took on a whole new level, with jockeying for position and more.

Sailboat Championship is a very compelling game, and almost forces addiction.