Danger Boat Review

Danger Boat Review

Jul 8, 2014

Danger Boat is a new; boat based endless runner style game by Pixelocity Software. These guys have done work on Age of Empires III and, unsurprisingly, Spyhunter!

Screenshot_2014-07-06-00-08-01Danger Boat sees the player navigating a sleek speedboat though a maelstrom of bombs, rocks and whirlpools, Steering uses the accelerometer. While avoiding hazards is all well and good, the real goal of the trip is the lines of buoys planted around. Passing ten buoys on the indicated side awards a random power. These powers range from coin magnets, turbo boosts, backup allied helicopters and even lasers to shoot though any threats in front of the speedboat. These cool powers are usually used for completing challenges, such as destroying a certain amount of rocks, gaining a certain amount of coins or so on. Completing challenges builds up a score multiplier, so later games let the player achieve higher scores.

Like most games of this type, gold coins float on the waves, just waiting for a speedboat to grab them. Coins can be used to buy upgrades to powers such as a longer duration or new boats to use . Barrelling over jumps and avoiding missiles in a riverboat is always fun.

The great thing about Danger Boat is that it is very well made and has no nasty in-app purchase surprises. The game is fun and challenging. Not being nickel and dimed every five seconds will likely be a breath of fresh sea air for Android gamers. Coins can be purchased in game, but the player is never nagged about it and a few dollars will buy enough coins to unlock quite a few upgrades.

Screenshot_2014-07-06-02-03-09Danger Boat looks slick without being overcomplicated. The game’s elements are really well drawn and the game looks and feels a lot like a spy film. The James Bond style surfy music, floating bombs and mysterious black submarines that try to blow the player’s boat away give the impression this little boating escapade isn’t entirely innocent. Indeed, one of the coin purchases is a replacement for the starting harbour, a shady headquarters. A really cool touch is that as the player motors along, the weather changes now and then, so there are snowy sectors with ice instead of rocks and stormy sectors with lighting strikes.

Danger Boat has plenty of replay value. There are daily challenges to work on, as well as standard challenges to boost the score multiplier. There is always something new to try.

Danger Boat is a super stylish game with lots of good ideas a cool vibe and a focus on fun. It’s worth a look for any mobile gamer.