Boid: A Beautiful New Holo-Themed Twitter App

Boid: A Beautiful New Holo-Themed Twitter App

Sep 4, 2012

Twitter app Boid is currently in beta, and it's trying to provide a Holo version of the Twitter experience, similar to what Tweet Lanes is doing.

Boid has been built for Android to conform to Android 4.x design standards. While there's no pull-to-refresh implemented yet like in Tweet Lanes (and it may not be due to it not being a native action), Boid does have one feature that obsessive tweeters will love compared to that app: notification support. There's no push, just the ability to fetch notifications at certain intervals.

It's something of a risky time to be releasing Twitter clients, as Twitter seeks to limit 3rd party apps – in particular, new apps can only max out at 100,000 user tokens (or double their count when API version 1.1 was announced, whichever is bigger), so no one can really launch a huge Twitter app.

Boid will try to appeal to Android users looking for a quality Twitter app, and is currently free while in beta. Nexus 7 owners will be glad to know that the app now works on the tablet device. While Twitter tries to cut down on 3rd party apps, developers are still making stylish apps.