Astro Golf Review

Astro Golf Review

Apr 29, 2014

Astro Golf is a putt-putt game that does a visual switch on players.

Players substitute sun-kissed greens for the metal and somewhat unpredictable futuristic confines of a space ship. Our cuddly robot becomes the ball, and the goal is to finish levels by guiding it into holes in a set number of shots. Moving the spherical robot is a matter of long-pressing and “drawing” on the sphere (like one would do on a pinball machine) and releasing; the amount of power on the pull determines how hard and potentially far it goes.

The gameplay is defined by the environment; the elements will be familiar to anyone who has dabbled in miniature golf; the path from the start point to the hole is rarely a straight, flat line. There are obstacles, bumpers, bridges, ramps and more to traverse, and the playing area has different-colored nuts lining the play area that canastro1 be collected for gold. A lot of times, there is more than one way to solve what u=is in essence a riddle, as there might be another way to get to the cup, prior to the first shot, it is possible to zoom in and scan to study the area. At the end of a level, gold is generated based on performance, and if the level is passed, the next one is unlocked. levels can be repeated for more gold and/or better scores.

The gold can be redeemed for other characters and power-ups. the power-ups make the game easier, which is key at some junctures when the gameplay gets harder. Real cash can be used as well, but doesn’t feel necessary to enjoy the game.

It’s a fun diversion, and I especially like the customization options and the cheeky ode to mechanics, and the physics and such work well with the fantastic graphics.