Bonnie’s Brunch Review

Bonnie’s Brunch Review

Jun 22, 2012

I never really gave cooking games much attention – I used to think they’re just for kids. The last time I played this kind of game was during my early Facebook days with Restaurant City. I must say I quite enjoyed those days. I liked the challenge of running a food business with the best possible results. It’s the same feeling I got from playing Bonnie’s Brunch. It felt childish at first, but after a few levels (and one upset customer) it became a challenge.

Bonnie’s Brunch has been available for iOS for a while, but it was recently released for Android. The cooking game requires Bonnie to serve breakfast to different customers, with a goal of making them happy – and for them never to leave without getting served.

Food items start as bagels and croissants, with more complicated items like waffles and sandwiches added as the levels go higher. The key to serving all customers effectively is to know their personalities. Some customers are more impatient than others, so this is one thing you need to consider when deciding which one to serve first. Another factor to consider are the food items. Some items are readily available – like a bagel – while some can take a few seconds to prepare such as a waffle or a ham and cheese sandwich.

The best part of the game is the design. Great, crisp graphics and responsive game controls will make you want to keep playing the game. The game characters are also amusing – ranging from an impatient granny to a former singing icon. When new characters are present in the next level, there will be a brief introduction about that character before the level starts. The player can then learn about the characters’ personality from these short information clips and serve them accordingly.

The first fifteen levels are free to play, but succeeding ones can be played by purchasing the game’s full version. I don’t usually purchase anything from the Play Store, but this game really made me reconsider. I eventually went ahead and made the purchase, and I haven’t regretted it since.

Bonnie’s Brunch has one of the best graphics and smooth performance in Android games so far. It makes a cooking game more fun than it really should be. With the vibrant, animated characters and yummy-looking food, it’s a great eye-candy game to pass the time – not just for kids, but for adults as well. It even makes me hungry at times, I had to take a break and grab a quick snack.

No lags, delays or force closes were experienced during game play – which is a relief for me since I did invest money (albeit a small amount) in this app. The game and its graphics run smoothly and are responsive to touch controls such as fixing an order and dragging it towards the customer. However, I wish there were more levels to this game – though I have not finished all of them due to the level of difficulty in the last few stages. Yes, it does get harder.

If there is ever a cooking game face-off for Android in the future, I can very much vouch for this game. It’s fun, visually stunning and surprisingly addictive.