Boomerang Trail Review

Boomerang Trail Review

Jul 10, 2013

A game that easily makes its way to one’s heart is Boomerang Trail. I mean, it has boomerangs. It is a leveled game that  incorporates delightfully funky gameplay with cool graphics and special features.

Big secret: playing pieces are different types of — you guessed it — boomerangs! And that is only a small part of the allure.

Using a virtual pull-back motion to set course and guide flight, the boomerangs are released to make contact with (and collect) as many tokens as possible to get points. The pull back mechanism was interesting; it involves virtual lines that describe the proposed flight path. Keeping a finger on the pulled boomerang helps to manipulate the flight path to something preferable if need be, and this is key, as there are obstacles like rock trail1formations and trees that can interrupt the flight of the boomerang. The boomerangs travel and return in the elliptical orbit we all know and love, and the graphical representation is pretty well done, simple in presentation and easy to understand.

As the game progresses, the targets get tougher. Stationary tokens become mobile, and then some even disappear and reappear, creating hard targets. Thus, timing of release is a big part of the strategy. Also, cool new pieces like explosive boomerangs are added to the shooting arsenal, which allows for the removal of some obstacles.

To complete a level and move on, 70% of the tokens in that level must be collected before the supply of boomerangs is exhausted. Each level has a star system of scoring, with a tally three stars denoting perfection. The cool thing is that all levels are repeatable, so failed levels can be done over, and one can shoot for a better final star score.

the game has achievements to be earned, and these add a level of excitement to the gameplay.

All in all, goota give kudos to the developers for a simple yet engaging game that makes use of nice graphics and effective animations to encompass some inventive gameplay. My biggest gripe? Too short.

Did I say “boomerangs” yet?