Boson X Review

Boson X Review

Dec 5, 2013

Boson X is a fun arcade-type leveled runner that tests the connection between the brain and fingers.

You’ll probably be forgiven if the game reminds you of Super Hexagon; there is a hint of similarity in the roving color scheme, and both offerings demand quick reflexes. This one is an endless runner type of game, and while overtly simple, it does feel engaging. It’s all about scientific research in this one

The artwork is futuristic on its minimalism, with changing colors and distance perspective used to create and interesting look. There are platforms (more on that later). The platforms come together intermittently to create a rough tunnel that looks incomplete.

The gameplay is based on the staggered, gappy tunnel. The running scientist can jump sideways and forward to avoid the numerous holes that are created by the ending platform pieces (cutely referred to as “plancks” to the delight of physics majors) that make up the “walls” of the running tunnel. Using virtual controls, jumping to either side is boson1effected, while a dual tap causes the runner to long jump forward.

The trick is to react as quickly as possible to the ever-moving playing environment, from planck to planck. Of course, the games gets faster with distance, and there is an opportunity cost to most moves made; that inviting, relatively easy sidestep might lead to harder obstacles a few ticks down the run. The plancks started having interesting properties; at one stage, they start to drop when landed upon. Lightning blasts, and keyhole looking “doorways” that require even quicker reflexes appear to get through with mishap. And any misstep causes the fleet-footed runner drops to a seemingly bottomless end.

The runs are leveled, and completing levels is a prerequisite to open further levels.

All in all, it’s a fun game with a lot of upside and plenty of playability.