Botanicula Review

Botanicula Review

Nov 3, 2014

Some games are meant to be. Yeah, we try waiting, but in the case of the award-winning Botanicula, we want it NOW.

The wait is over; Botanicula is here, boys and girls.

First, it is a work of art. The graphics are wistful, and the characters feel zany without being overly foolish. The backgrounds are a feast of pastels, and the floating elements come together quite nicely. The animations are smooth, and transitions almost smoother.

The gameplay rests somewhat in the backstory. The five protagonists are tree creatures: Poppyhead, Lantern, Twig, Mushroom and Feather; these creatures are on a mission to thwart the evil parasites that have attacked their home tree, and to save the last seed from the free from being destroyed. Each of the characters has an attribute or botanicula1two that sets it apart and makes it an important resources when it comes to accomplishing a particular task. They travel together, and take on the challenges head on.

From this story of conservation, we get a popping adventure.

Navigation is in the form of following arrows and tapping in the general direction one wants to go. The opening sequence throws one right into the game, it also gives insight into the different actions that can be taken. For example, trying to get past some enemy creatures is quite the funny exercise, and takes a couple tries to figure out which of the protagonists plants can be used to get the task done.

The game progresses from there, getting more complex as the levels go one, and I like how the developer looks to keep aspects fairly intuitive as the game continues.

Botanicula is one of those games that feels better the more it’s played. it’s an endearing game with a conscience, making one think of the planet formally and otherwise. The upfront pricing is something else to enjoy as well.

Botanicula is Now Available on Android

Botanicula is Now Available on Android

Oct 14, 2014

Mark this one in the “splendid news” category…

Botanicula is now available for users of Android devices.

The game promises to be a video and audio feast, and the screenshots seem to confirm at least on of these premises. It focuses on the humorous adventures of five tree creaures who are trying to save their home tree from being overrun by enemy parasites. The game works via point-and-click gameplay, and incorporates a lot of different environments, bonuses and music by Dva.

The game has received plenty of praise, and was formerly exclusive to iOS. The developer goes as far as to suggest playing on phablets and tablets (as well as larger phones) with headphones usage to get the best experience.

The game looks interesting, and we look forward to reviewing it.

For folks who cannot wait for our review (understandable), the game is currently available for the upfront price of $4.99 on the Play Store.

Botanicula, the Latest Adventure Game from Amanita Design, Coming to Android Soon

Botanicula, the Latest Adventure Game from Amanita Design, Coming to Android Soon

May 27, 2014

Botanicula, the nature-themed adventure game from Amanita Design, is on its way to Android, according to a tweet from the developers.. The developers have experience with the platform with Machinarium, and with the game having seen a release on iOS in the past months as well. This game has players controlling a motley crew of insects trying to save their world from an encroaching darkness by solving puzzles. Read our review on 148Apps of the iOS version for more.