Bracketron Mi-T Grip Smartphone Mount Hardware Review

Bracketron Mi-T Grip Smartphone Mount Hardware Review

Aug 10, 2015

When it comes to mobile accessories, few names resonate like Bracketron; its Mi-T Grip Smartphone Mount is just the type of tool one would love to add to one’s accessory arsenal.

The review unit that Bracketron sent highlights the product in retail form; getting it out of the packet unveils the two pieces that make up the mount: a ball joint fused with suction-sticky attachment surface, and then an adjustable clip that fits intuitively onto the ball joint with the help of a tightening screw. When the latter is snapped onto the former, one gets a homogeneous solution, made of hard plastic and coming in all black. It is almost diminutive and feels solidly built.

Usage is easy to glean; all one needs to do is position the unit on glass or dash by taking off the protective sheet and wetting the attaching side. Then, with the use of the press-down clip, the unit is able to achieve a firm hold on the surface.

The jaws of the clip can be extended to fit over devices width-wise up to 3.5 inches; the ball joint allows the user to manipulate the clip along an axis, such that the attached device can be moved to a perfect angle. Altogether, it is easy to get it going, and it does work well on the aforementioned dash or windshield.


With regards to usability, it just works. It’s small profile makes it easy to tote around, and when in use, it isn’t too bothersome. Removing it is equally as easy, and the ability to using it on several types of surfaces (in the home office, for example) is definitely a plus.

One gripe I have is the difficulty in placing the device in the jaws one-handed. The firm grip comes at a price, and it’s easier to use two hands to manipulate it.

Overall, it does its stated job equitably, and it’s pricing ($20.74 on Amazon) is attractive too.

Not bad for just another day at the accessory office for Bracketron.

Bracketron Road Boost XL Charger Hardware Review

Bracketron Road Boost XL Charger Hardware Review

Apr 29, 2015

To be fair, it just makes sense.

Consider the virtually unending need to power mobile devices… phones, tablets and everything in-between. The number increases exponentially with every computer-savvy person in one’s household.

Then, one thing that tends to happen with kids is battery loss. Mine always find a way to go back to the car — usually in search of a battery dead device, funnily enough — and will then leave a light on, or even a door open. The end result is a dead battery. Seriously, this has happened often enough for me to add checking the car lights and doors every night as part of my daily nighttime routine.

Even for folks with perfect offspring, a dead battery is one of those things that one wants to be ready for. There are plenty of dedicated mobile options, yes, but what about something that is gentke enough to juice up aforementioned mobile devices and still have the muscle to jump-start a car battery?

What if it was just as portable as a regular mobile charger? Now we’re talking… enter the Bracketron Road Boost 3-in-1 Emergency Jump-Start Power Bank.


Based on the retail package Bracketron, it is mostly black, with neon green accents; it is relatively handy at 6.5 x 3 x 1 inches. The bank of buttons, ports and lights on the one long side give an inkling to how it does what it is supposed to do: USB and car charging output ports, power button/flashlight control, voltage and level LEDs, on/off switch, input jack and a jack to connect the auto charging clamps. The review package also came with a storage pouch, wall charger, car charger and jumper cable clamps.

The unit arrived with a charge… all the better to play with immediately. It’s device charging functionality is easily engaged with a 2.1A output; charging the bank itself is equally intuitive using the supplied cable. It charges devices pretty quickly too; I was even able to charge my stubborn device that requires higher amperage. With regards to jumping a car, I had to manufacture an event, but the unit worked very well.

It’s such an interesting option. I like the little things (like included car charger and travel pouch), and the advertised 3000 cycles of battery life and 3 month standby time are definitely attractive; my biggest concern with this type of solution is the it loosing charge. With this, I feel comfortable leaving it in the glove box and setting a reminder every 60 days to top it off. The flashlight is equally appreciated for obvious reasons, and while I might fuss at the fact that it only does one mobile device directly at a time, I will note the mobile charging is a secondary benefit. I do wonder about the long-term durability of the cable; it holds up well initially.

It isn’t the first time this type of solution has hit the market, but it does feel like a mature one. At $129.95, it might not be considered to be too much of an upfront investment.

Bracketron NanoTek Stand Hardware Review

Bracketron NanoTek Stand Hardware Review

Jan 16, 2014

We drop quite a lot of money on mobile devices. With good reason, too. They are the ultimate business, entertainment and everything in-between tools. But after purchase, it just makes sense to dress them up right. Protection. Accessibility. Extended functionality. And more.

Some accessories promise to give a combination of features, and this is just what the Universal NanoTek Stand from Bracketron purports to do. It comes in silver or black (we received a silver review unit).

The stand itself comes in very subtle but strong appearance. The main stem is made out of aircraft grade aluminum, and curves into a short sided V-shape. A wide T-shape is cut into the metal frame for cabling, and each end has black padding. Nothing is sharp or overly demonstrative, with soft edges and an appreciated lack of glinty touches.nano2

What is truly intriguing is the advertised NanoTek technology. It works in a slick way as a soft adhesive, so that a smartphone leans back in the the cradle, held by only this black material. It’s pretty slick, and makes for easy placement and retrieval. The adhesive is strong enough to hold my cased HTC EVO 4G LTE, though not permanently; really weighted devices tend not to be held in place, but larger phones, such as an uncased Sony Xperia Z, work just fine without leftover residue. In my experience, it tended to help to wipe the padding periodically.

The T-shape slot for charging cable isn’t effective with my phone in the upright position (the charging port is the left, not the bottom), but works swimmingly with devices that are more conventionally constructed. It does work with my phone in landscape orientation.

In practice, the stand is reasonably sturdy, balanced on flat surfaces and feels durable. Because of its portability and design, using with a keyboard or as a consumption holder is possible. In this, it provides multiple usfage opportunities, good for a somewhat permanently placed accessory or even as a part of a go bag.

It’s another fine tool from a trusted company, and it is always pleasant to try something so small but yet relatively useful.

The NanoTek Stand can be obtained from the Bracketron website for $29.99, and elsewhere, like Amazon for $18.86 before shipping. It comes with a year-long warranty.