Friday Android Free Game Recap August 3rd

Friday Android Free Game Recap August 3rd

Aug 3, 2012

Physics is everywhere. Taking a step toward the door, throwing a water balloon off the roof onto the head of friend or flying a plane all take physics into account. Below are a few Android games requiring physics to be mastered to win. Think of it like the Matrix. Know which rules to can be bent to make the game easier.

D Ballz Physics Toy

The theory of this game is simple…well to be honest, there doesn’t seem to be an end to the level or really an end of any kind. D Ballz Physics Toy is pretty much a bunch of digital superballs bouncing around the screen. Let’s face it, everyone has played with a super ball for a while, bouncing it against the wall or while walking down the street. This is the Android game equivilant.
Download D Ballz Physics Toy

Shaky Tower

Building a house of cards has nothing on Shaky Tower. Using the motion of the Android phone will keep the tower in check. Avoid different obstacles and use physics to stack a row of blocks. Tasks are not as simple as stacking a block on top of another. Adding in moving vehicles and attacking sharks make for a 100+ levels of a challenging good time.
Download Shaky Tower

Pixal Rain

The key to Pixal Rain is to guard the precious item. Sometimes it is a diamond other times its a money symbol. When the pixals rain from the sky, the only thing that counts is the treasure being safe.
Download Pixal Rain

Destroy Boxes

The diamond can’t touch the ground in thins game. A set number of boxes need to be destroyed while keeping the jewel from touching the earth. As the levels progress there are more boxed to destroy. The challenge comes from the structure getting wobbly and not landing in an ideal way when the boxes fall.
Download Destroy Boxes

Penguin Physics Free

Think of this game as Angry Birds meets math class. The theory is the same; fling a boomerang and hit a certain group of objects to win. The difference is, Penguin Physics Free is more of a puzzle game. The goal is to pop all of the balloons in one throw. While this may seem like a pretty easy task, it isn’t easy at all.
Download Penguin Physics Free

What games did we miss?

Ounce Bounce Review

Ounce Bounce Review

Mar 8, 2012

With some games it’s not too difficult to guess where the inspiration came from. Others are deliberately random, and that adds to their charm. And some are just sort of inexplicable and are attention-drawing in that way. Ounce Bounce falls into the last category, which is why I tried it out.

Ounce Bounce is the story of a young owl is undertaking flight-training when he accidentally topples backward into a well. The tiny crash-helmeted owl is trapped at the bottom underneath a vast field of strangely suspended debris. Users help him make his way back to the top. In his way are bricks and boards. When crashed into the boards will move slightly, and the bricks will explode for points. It’s an endurance game and Ounce is constantly fighting against gravity, trying to drift up to the top of the well and not falling back down to the bottom. Users help him by swiping their finger up along his path to send him up. Users can rebound him off of boards to gain height, or into bricks to blast a path. The longer Ounce is kept in the air, the higher the score.

It’s a cute game, and the idea is interesting. Crashing into the bricks is quite satisfying, and it’s fun to challenge myself to see how long I can keep Ounce going. But that’s really all I have to say that’s specifically positive.

Truth be told I just didn’t like this game very much. It’s weirdly slow and lackluster, and there is actually very little accuracy when controlling Ounce. He is such a tiny object that swiping across his path only has about a 60% success rate and the lack of control makes it very defeating to play. Ounce himself looks so gloomy and defeated that it makes me wonder why he even wants to leave the well. I gave it a reasonable go but it just didn’t pass the cut.

ArkDroid Review

ArkDroid Review

Jul 6, 2011

Breakout clones have been around ever since Breakout was invented. Anyone who’s ever dabbled in game making has probably built a Breakout clone. I know I have. That said, just because a game is a copy, doesn’t mean it’s terrible. If you manage to get the balance between familiarity and new concepts just right, you might make something special.

ArkDroid is a touch screen controlled block smasher. You slide a bar along the bottom of the screen in order to bounce a ball to the top of the screen and clear all of the coloured bricks from the level. Some smashed bricks drop power ups and power downs that ranged from turning the ball into a flaming death bomb, to shrinking your bar to a minuscule size.

You can only move your bar using a space at the very bottom of the screen, indicated by a finger print. Whilst this means your fingers aren’t obscuring the play, it’s quite a small space and your finger doesn’t always register, meaning you’ll sit in anguish as yet another ball drifts past you.

It’s not the best looking game out there, either. It’s solidly built, but there’s a clunkiness to everything the game has to offer that makes it look decidedly old fashioned next to the bigger boys available on the Android Market. Don’t get me wrong, there’s fun to be had with ArkDroid, but it sometimes feels like it’s not quite finished, like it needs a little bit more work before it’s ready to be unleashed onto the public.

Put simply, it’s a Breakout clone that offers nothing particularly revolutionary, and doesn’t play quite as well as you might hope. There’s nothing massively wrong with it, and it’ll keep you entertained for as long as you play it, but ArkDroid just can’t shake the fact that it’s a clone, and a clone that’s not that much more impressive that its 25 year old progenitor.