Bridge Constructor Gets Limited-Time Halloween Update

Bridge Constructor Gets Limited-Time Halloween Update

Oct 24, 2016

Popular cross-platform construction simulation game Bridge Constructor is getting in on the Halloween spirit with a free update that is available now.

The new build brings five whole new “spooky and eerily exciting” levels to Pumpkinidad Island. Additionally, it introduces a new vehicle — Coach of the Dead — which is the heaviest auto that needs to be gotten over the constructed bridges.

Per the press release:

Seeing as it’s Halloween, we can’t go without some haunted castles, bats and cemeteries. Build bridges over seemingly endless valleys in the deepest, foggiest night, with a full moon hanging above. Make sure to build them strong enough for the heavy Coach of the Dead to be able to get across.

We certainly enjoyed Bridge Constructor when we took a look at it way back when.

Bridge Constructor is available for $1.99 (plus optional micro-transactions) on Google Play. Hurry, because this update won’t be available forever!


[Via Headup Press Release]

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Bridge Constructor Receives Christmas Update

Bridge Constructor Receives Christmas Update

Dec 3, 2015

Headup Games and Clockstone Software are doing their part to get people into the spirit of the season, especially with a Christmas-themed update to the building simulation puzzle game Bridge Constructor. Dubbed “Snowy Hill,” the new update brings Santa and more.

Per the official press release:

Santa is coming! That means presents for everyone – and of course Santa’s Sleigh! This big, free Christmas update brings new christmassy levels and bridges for the Winter World “Snowy Hills”.

With the improved controls, you can now also change bridges you’ve already built without having to delete them by moving their components. Winter World will be only available until springtime.

Also, to save a little more money for Christmas presents, all Bridge Constructor games are now available at the reduced price of $0.99 each!

There ya go… right from the horse’s mouth: all Bridge Constructor games are discounted at $0.99!


[via Headup press release]

Bridge Constructor Review

Bridge Constructor Review

Dec 6, 2012

Building a bridge seems like it would be a fairly easy task. In reality, it takes a lot of engineering to get all the stress points and anchors in the correct spots. If one of these things is out of place, the whole bridge collapse. I’ve always loved this video. The video shows how not taking into consideration every little aspect of the surrounding area can let mother nature easily destroy the creation.

Bridge Constructor is a great game tempt fate and make some bridges. The levels start off pretty simply. The first couple of bridges are pretty obvious and how they should be constructed. After that, it’s going to take a bit of imagination to use the allotted budget to place the pieces efficiently to construct a bridge able to hold a car or truck.

Once the bridges constructed, there is a task that needs to be run. The first few levels, there’s a choice of cars or trucks to run over the bridges. As the test is going on, the materials will change color to show the points on the bridge under more stress. Also, just by hitting the play button, the bridge will “settle”. This may show a bunch of immediate weaknesses in the design.(Read: the bridge will fall apart.) The bridge can be reworked over and over again. The materials can be used and then removed if the design doesn’t seem like it’ll work. As long as the overall cost of materials is not exceeded, the bridge to be built and tested over and over again before actually committing to it.

To build the bridge, it’s a matter of tapping in one of the white dots on the screen (anchor point) and dragging the finger to where the material being used should end. In the beginning, there is a slight blueprint like background to make the first build using wood a little easier. In later levels, different material such as cables and concrete are added. These materials let the bridges span over longer distances, but also require different anchor points.

Bridge Constructor seems easy in the beginning, but just a couple levels in the game starts to require quite a bit of thought and planning to make the bridge sturdy enough for cars or trucks to drive across it.