Free App Recap February 19 – Notification Apps

Free App Recap February 19 – Notification Apps

Feb 19, 2013

Believe it or not, some of the phones and tablets out there do not have an LED to notify when there is a message or email. This means, if the devices on silent, the screen needs to be turned on to check if there’s any new notifications. As luck would have it, there are several applications in the Google Play Store to solve this problem.


NoLED is the first application like this I ever used. The way NoLED works is to add an icon to the screen like a screen saver when a message is received. The default icons are nothing more than a colored pixel-like square on the screen. It moves around the screen. If there is more than one notification needed, more squares are added to the screen. The notification squares can be changed to icons for popular Android applications.

Download NoLED


BubbleBuzz is similar in the way it works. When a message is received, a notification icon will be displayed on the screen. The difference with BubbleBuzz is the icons are a bit more fun. The different application icons are floating around the screen in individual bubbles. To open the app, tap on the bubble to pop it and the app opens. BubbleBuzz also lets you automatically disable itself when the battery drops below a certain level.

Download BubbleBuzz

iLED – The Notifier

iLED has pretty much the same features as the other two apps in this list. One noticeable difference here is the background image can be changed. Instead of having just a plain black or colored background, add an image of something of interest. Make sure the background is not too busy or the icons will be hard to see. iLED works with a lot of the popular preinstalled Android apps like Gmail and SMS/MMS message apps.

Download iLED – The Notifier