Saving Made Simple Finance App Review

Saving Made Simple Finance App Review

Mar 26, 2013

It’s a rough, tough mobile world. Thankfully, more and more tools are sprouting up to help us keep abreast of all the data. As our financial lives become increasingly electronic, the tools we keep to track them must keep up.

Saving Made Simple Finance App is a nice budgeting tool that allows everyday people to keep a finger on finances, even while on the go.

The app got straight down to business. It opened up with with a pop-up request to create a goal. The goal menu opened up to entry dialogues such as those for title, amount, deadline and reminder.

I randomly picked a goal amount to save, and after confirming the target date and such, it gave me all sorts of stats: dollar amount/percentage of target amount accumulated, and a monthly “payment” that will effect reaching that goal. It was all tidily presented, with the information easily accessed and manipulated. I liked the potential detail; if I so wished, I could get weekly, fortnightly or even daily cash estimates for each goal entry. I could also toggle automatic entries (credits and debits) to the head amount.

Now, the cool thing about the simple template was the different ways it could be used. It didn’t take a whole lot of work or reasoning to create a payoff schedule for things like credit lines or loans. Simply entering in the balance and a time frame, and the program did the calculations for me… not bad for a simplistic amortization spreadsheet. The same could be done for long-term savings: car, Christmas, wedding, college expenses… all could be entered in some fashion.

In the same vein, since the program had a reminder system, it could be used set up reminders for the payment of bills. This is something I found incredibly useful.

All in all, there is so much to like in this app. It is simple, very intuitive and more functional than it needs to be.

CoinKeeper Tries to Make Budgeting Easy

CoinKeeper Tries to Make Budgeting Easy

May 15, 2012

Want to budget better? CoinKeeper for Android is here to help. This app makes it easy to track expenses and keep a balanced budget.

Users add their various income sources, any accounts they have (this is all simple user-inputted information, it doesn’t actually try to access bank accounts), followed by various expenses, and large purchase goals. Then, purchases are added and tracked by the app, letting the user know when they go over-budget.

For those that have no clue where to start with their budget, the app can automatically form a budget based on a starting income input. Each category can then be manually adjusted by the user to help figure out what is applicable to them.

CoinKeeper is a free download from Google Play with a free 15-day trial; afterward, the app either costs $0.99 per month to keep using (with free cloud-based backup), $2.99 for 6 months, or $9.99 for lifetime service.