Bulldozer Inc Review

Bulldozer Inc Review

Aug 15, 2012

Little kids are always fascinated with big trucks. People of all ages seem to like to knock things down and watch building explode. Bulldozer Inc is a fun little game where the object is to knock down buildings with a bulldozer.

The controls take a little getting used to. Not because they are hard to use, but because the dozer doesn’t always move forward. When in the midst of the competition and scoring as many points as possible before the time runs out, having a good grasp on how the dozer moves is important.

As mentioned the game is a time-based challenge where the goal is to knock down as many buildings as possible in the allotted time. Starting out, it’s all in the technique. Once some money is aquired through doing well in the challenges, upgrades can be bought. Items like explosives and time extensions will really help with all of the potential destruction in the following challenges.

The upgrades are placed in boxes throughout the grounds. That means, not only are there buildings to knock down, there are things to find. Don’t worry though, they are pretty easy to spot. Look for a crate near a building. The upgrades only work for a few seconds so it’t important to take advantage of items such as the large plow while it’s there.

After a few times playing Bulldozer Inc it will be a bit more apparent which buildings will be easier to knock down than others and which will take more time to demolish. The in-game money is is used to buy the upgrades, and it is earned by advancing to the next heat. As well, more money can be acquired through in-app purchases. The versus mode offers better rewards than the tournament mode, encouraging multiplayer play.