Burt Destruction Review

Burt Destruction Review

Oct 8, 2013

Burt Destruction rocks. A yeti intent on world domination doesn’t.

I have to salute the makers for the cutscenes and in-game hints. That, along with the sounds and graphics, really lends itself to an excellent media experience. The use of color is highlighted in the different levels, and such use ensures that the game feels new with every successful step.

For a platform runner, the action in Burt Destruction is constant. In the very first level, there were tons of obstacles to avoid and/or disable: stationary objects like walls, menacing yeti, some weird jumping fairy beings and even trickily placed stacks of TNT. Jumping over the “live” beings helped, but jumping on them destroys them. Thus, a good strategy of timing and controlled jumps is useful.bd1

On the other hand, running into these objects drained Burt’s life source; again, timing the jumps is key. Contact with these items drains Burt’s life, and with enough hits, Burt dies.

Fortunately, there are plenty of power-ups and arcade-y upgrades to match the expected increases in complexity that advanced levels bring. A lot of the power-ups have to be unlocked, and upgrades can be effected by collecting the coins that line the playing area. In-app purchases are available, but don’t feel necessary. The “big” Burt is fun to invoke, as is the replenishable ally Big Foot.

With regards to the playing area, the developer does well to create an expansive area that feels different each time it is played. To use the first level of the game as an example of the game, there is more than just the ground level. it is quite possible to vault Burt onto roofs, verandas and raised platforms and travel “above” the ground. The same dangers lurk at higher platforms, so the same success precepts apply. Different levels vary, though; in one level, for example, errant jump actually causes an endless (fatal) fall. Again, the artwork helps keep the gameplay fairly engaging, with stuff like cannons and even snapping sharks making appearances.

Yes, platform games are, well, platform games. Still, it’s hard not to like the eye candy. For a game that has significantly more positives than negatives, this is well worth a look.