Business Card Reader Gets a Sizable Update

Business Card Reader Gets a Sizable Update

Aug 31, 2016

For a lot of business folks, the exchange of business cards is a required part of business. ABBYY’s Business Card Reader allows professionals to digitize card data to smartdevices.

Per the press release, the update brings:

The updated version has:
◦ enhanced computer vision enabling the app to identify the edges of a business card
◦ auto focus and auto click: just point the camera, the app will do the rest
◦ automatic perspective correction
◦ auto crop
◦ manual crop
◦ image enhancing filters
◦ both sides of a business card
◦ full-screen viewing mode
◦ export of contacts to MS Excel as a searchable, manageable database
◦ 50% higher processing speed: now it only takes 5 seconds to digitize a business card!

There is a free and Pro version available on Google Play.

Droid Scan Pro PDF Review

Droid Scan Pro PDF Review

Feb 21, 2012

I like overachievers.

I like Alexander the Great, Mia Hamm and Susan Boyle. I like things that help me do more, especially when they help me do more with less. That’s a major reason that I carry a smartphone.

Droid Scan Pro PDF is an application that allows Android owners use their device cameras to scan items on the go. It also allows one to convert the scans to PDF or JPEG. Portability of business functionality is ever so valuable in a ever-increasing mobile world.

It weighs in at 1.13 MB, and less if the user opts to move it to SD card. The application has a fairly direct UI, giving the app user the option of importing, scanning or even sharing from within the app. Now, the UI may not attract effusive circus clowns, but it does work well to add an aura of seriousness to the software. The scans came out better than envisaged; creation of a PDF document was fairly smooth. I especially liked the trimming tool, which allows the user to shape the document with the use of an adjustable edger. I suspect the overall quality of the scans would be a function of your device hardware to a degree; as noted, they looked good snapped with my aging EVO’s camera. Droid Scan Pro completely cedes the image capture process to the device camera, which means you will be using a familiar menu to take the initial shots.

One can also import files to work on. This is useful when having to convert a JPEG to a PDF for example. I found that I could also import files from my preferred word processor, file manager and gallery. The Turbo import feature automates the process of importation into Droid Scan Pro.

The Share function allows one to distribute with a host of built-in apps, including Dropbox and email. The scan jpeg or pdf is also available in the device’s gallery app in the newly created Droid Scan file, so it is not necessary to even open the app to get to the scans in the future. The app’s built-in functionality also extends to compatibility with Google Goggles, which allows one to add business cards to Google Contacts.

I thought the menu could be a bit more intuitive; it is not rocket science, but my admittedly strong urge to tap and hold or use the menu button to navigate did not always work as I would have guessed it would. Using the back button sufficed. Also, the bulk action functionality did seem wonky at first, but was flawless on subsequent tries.

All in all, Droid Scan Pro PDF was functional, sturdy and did not crash on me once. I also note the fact that the developer took the time to include a feedback button as a major part of the user interface. That’s good.

Droid Scan Pro PDF is available for 4.99 on the Amazon Appstore and Android Market.